Gain influence, mine sularium, establish sites, and lead your forces to victory.

ON THE POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD OF SULARIA, your survival depends on it.

Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins™ is a 20-minute, sci-fi  themed strategy card game with multiple play modes –

  • 2 player head-to-head constructed
  • 2-4 player draft
  • 2+ player casual constructed

The fast-paced action in our exciting sci-fi setting, makes this game perfect for ages 14 and up.

Your faction's survival is depending on you! Gain influence, mine sularium, establish sites, and deploy your combatants to defeat your foes! Victory is yours when your opponent’s health is reduced to zero. However, if you have initiative, and are first to act in a round, you must be careful. Battle for Sularia® is a round-based card game, and if your opponent is off-initiative, or second to act in a round, they have a chance to strike back and snatch your victory from the jaws of defeat by reducing your health total lower than theirs!

  • Multiple Play Modes  With one Battle Kit starter box, you and a friend choose to play as either the Jotune or Synthien, using one of two pre-constructed 60 card play decks to battle in a head-to-head 2 player game. With 60 additional cards in the Battle Kit, players can further customize their play decks using our innovative "60/90" constructed deck system by simply having a minimum of 60 cards in their play deck, while spending no more than 90 construction points.  For those who love to test their mettle against their friends in draft formats, just one Battle Kit box gives you everything you need for an action packed 2-4 player draft! To host an 8 player draft, simply combine two Battle Kit boxes for an entire night of drafting excitement! Offering a wide variety of play modes, each box is fully expandable for a variety of casual play modes – one box supports up to 2 players in casual mode, but there is simply no limit on how many players and formats are available with additional boxes. 
  • Construction Point Values – Unique "60/90" deck construction system. Each card has a construction point value of 1 to 4 points. Each deck must have a minimum of 60 cards and a deck cannot exceed a total construction value of 90 points. This system pushes the envelope on deck construction and ensures a high level of value for all cards within the set, making each card a valuable asset.
  • Two-resource System – Engaging two-resource system which includes influence and sularium. Influence increases as you, the Battle Commander, gain experience each round, and gives you the manpower resources necessary to establish sites, which are part of your burgeoning stronghold. Sites are your primary sularium generators, which is the essential resource needed to deploy combatants, the lifeblood of a growing army. Launch covert sorties or massed alpha strikes against your opponents' sites and reduce their stronghold and life to ashes! Gain influence, mine sularium, deploy your troops, and defeat your foes to become the preeminent Battle Commander on Sularia!
  • Round-based Game – Simultaneous combat! The round isn't over until each player takes their turn. Don't rest assured of your victory until both players finish their turn!
  • Art and Lore – In addition to action packed game play, Sularia is an exotic new world with a storied past and a host of mighty heroes! Experience novel content, spectacular visuals, and the drama unfolding as warring factions battle for Sularia!

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written reviews

Theology of Games

"The Command Window is probably the cleanest/most streamlined way of having players respond to actions that just took place." – Jeremiah – READ MORE

Board Game Resource

"After playing Sularia for a good long while, it is this reviewer’s opinion that Battle for Sularia is worth your time." – Zach Hillegas – READ MORE

Trading Card Games

"The overall presentation is superb and if you’re into the story behind the game then I suggest you check that out on their website." – Zac Phoenix – READ MORE

Table Top Games UK

"Awesome art, well designed cards and even a nifty little box to stow it all in." – ATBZIMARK – READ MORE

[Follow up review – featuring draft play] "We all really enjoyed it and I think it fills the drafting void. We can’t wait to get our grubby mitts on further expansions either!" – ATBIZMARK – READ MORE

Kulture shocked

"Creating a lasting, evolving card based experience without bogging the base game down with clunky, complicated rules." – Marc Hall – READ MORE


Alf Fischer

Shadow Song Industries [Member of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design]:

"Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins is the bridge between collectible card games and the vast universe of board gaming. The innovation of tiered resource management utilizes the best mechanics from the most popular collectible card games and perfectly blends them into a fast-paced strategy game. A brilliant, well though-out, balanced game, its aethscetic is as beautiful as its mechanics. Simple to learn, its nuanced tactics allow for new players and veterans to enjoy the game even when pitted against each other. It's got the battle tactics of L5R, the rich world style and story of Magic the Gathering, and the resource management of games like Pokemon and Netrunner. Its balanced deck creation harkens back to games like CLOUT, allowing both the new player and the old hand to start on a level playing field.  With the potential for abundant expansions and continued customizations, this is must have for all gamers who love strategy and the arena of player versus player competition.  It’s the best parts of your favorite CCGs perfectly forged into the most enjoyable thirty minutes you can have with a deck of cards.  This is my favorite new card game for 2015 and I can't wait to see where it goes!"

Larry Cruz

The Board Game Group [Facebook]:

"I really enjoyed playing Battle for Sularia a lot. I played a print-and-play version of what's available in the "New Recruit" level. This is awesome. I am an old school Magic player from the '90s. I gave that up for board games in the '90s as well. Originally I thought Dominion was that one game that would scratch my itch for playing Magic. I was right until now. Battle for Sularia is bad ass. The games resource management system is more complex than Magic or any other game in this vain that I have played. Players have three levels of resources to play four types of cards. there are also Three levels of combat going on. The game feels fresh and escalates so fast that it goes to 11 in no time at all. BfS has a few things in common with Magic and Uppers Deck's Vs. System, but it truly is it's own game. I have spoken to the designer and he is very open and receptive. After a few of our members spoke about some issues they had with Kickstarter, the issues were addressed. That's the kind of publishers I personally want to back."

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