The Alpha Program is where you, as die-hard fans and early adopters of Battle for Sularia: The Card Game, get to play brand new cards as soon as we release them. While these cards will have been moderately playtested by our in-house team, alpha players will be able to provide key feedback during an Alpha Program release cycle and in turn have direct input on shaping the future of Battle for Sularia: The Card Game!

You can expect Alpha Program cards to be released on a monthly schedule and immediately legal in casual play and alpha tournament formats. The Alpha Program begins with the Battle for Sularia: Reign of Terror - Starter Set, which features both the new Protoan and Exsularian factions. This starter set will be available through a free print-and-play download, by simply requesting them from our website through an online sign-up form—located further down this page.

Command Packs - Alpha Edition

To keep things simple, the Alpha Program cards are divided into a "series" of packs that are numbered so that players can easily keep track of which packs they have downloaded. The name of the current series is called the Foundation Series. These new Command Packs will be made up of four unique cards from all factions. Future retail versions of these cards will be similarly numbered and written out as—Foundation Series: Command Pack 1. The retail versions will contain four copies of each card, for a total of 16 cards per Command Pack.

Alpha Program Limited-Edition Quarterly Promo Packs

The Alpha Program promo packs are offered as a complete four copies (playset) of each card and are intended for the collector as well as our die-hard fans who want to show their active contribution and support to the development of Battle for Sularia: The Card Game. These cards are a limited-time offer, with old cards rotating out and new cards rotating in each quarter, or when they sell out.



Exclusive Monochromatic Promo Cards

Get the Promo Card for $10.00 + Shipping

This is a limited-time offer available to all fans of Battle for Sularia: The Card Game.

The Alpha Program promo cards are offered as a complete four copies (playset) and are intended for the collector as well as our die-hard fans. Since this promo card is only offered for a limited time, now is your chance to upgrade your collection with this one-time exclusive offer.

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