Hi and welcome to the Punch-It Entertainment Alpha Tester Program. Below you will find a brief form that is required in order to process your application to become a tester for Battle for Sularia. Here are a few key items to consider before making an application.

  • Punch-It Entertainment is looking for dedicated players to provide valuable and necessary feedback from which meaningful information can be ascertained for the sake of improving the game play experience of each and every release for Battle for Sularia.
  • Punch-It Entertainment requires each player to have a Reddit account and will be invited to join the program and use our private Reddit as a direct line of communication with the developers
  • Punch-It Entertainment will credit each participant in the rules insert or rules book for any game that a tester participates in who provides a minimum of 25 games of feedback.
  • Punch-It Entertainment at any point reserves the right to remove a tester from the program, if the tester is not providing valuable feedback or participating in the program. Testers accepted into the program may be removed if their behavior in official company forums such as Reddit is disruptive or detrimental to a successful testing environment.
  • Participants are expected to have copies of all retail products currently released and available to the general public. If they do not they may purchase it from us at:

Testing Process

Punch-It Entertainment has a very specific testing process that collects valuable data that is used to look at Macro levels of information regarding each individual faction in Battle for Sularia. While this data is valuable to the overall experience and balancing of the meta for a given release, it cannot give us the entire picture. This is where player psychology and perception becomes very valuable for us. Punch-It's tester feedback form allows for a very detailed response of each game that was played in both quantitative and qualitative data.

We value the qualitative or non-numerical data more so over traditional quantitative data. Because of this, each tester plays a very integral part in improving the overall quality of each release. In return for your feedback Punch-It Entertainment will make every effort to effectively communicate with our testers and provide as much data as possible. The testing process at times can be a frustrating experience, and it requires a player who is patient and able to communicate these issues back to us effectively. If you feel you are up to that challenge the reward is that you will be able to directly effect and shape the future of Battle for Sularia.


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A Reddit account is required to participate in the Battle for Sularia Alpha Test.
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On occasion Punch-It Entertainment may ask you to participate in a Skype call with he developers to discuss your test results.
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Are you able to provide at a minimum at least 5 games of test feedback each week? *
Be as detailed as possible. If your answer exceeds the input space please email your response to:
Would you like to be considered for play testing other Punch-It Entertainment Products? *
Which Projects would you be most interested in testing? *
Check all that apply. | Project Z – Tile-laying board game of perfect balance. Designers: Jesse Bergman & Matthew Greenleaf. | Project D – Fast-paced card combat game. Designer: John Kimmel. | Project P – Party game for 4-8 players. Designer: Matthew Greenleaf.
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