What's a Battle for Sularia Ambassador?

Being an ambassador requires three Important things

1. You do not talk, do talk about the Ambassador Program. But more importantly, you should have a love of hobby gaming. Do you daydream about shuffling up that deck you've been brewing? Yes? You might have what it takes.

2. Has a passion for sharing. If you're a guy or gal who is constantly getting your friends together for game nights, or organizing leagues at your local game store, that's yes for #2.

3. If you think battling for supremacy on a post-apocalyptic world, where soldiers of fortune barter blood for coin, and a machine empire threatens to overwhelm an ancient civilization of Norse-inspired super-warriors (AKA, space vikings); being an ambassador is right up your alley! 

Sounds like fun! what would I be doing?

Ambassadors are the figureheads of Battle for Sularia in communities like yours. As someone who represents our game, you will be:

1. Running demos to new players.

2. Organizing game nights.

3. Running tournaments.

4. Fostering a positive online community via social media; all with the help of our Organized Play staff.

Ambassadors need to be available on a weekly basis to coordinate events, interact with the player base, and represent us to the gaming community at large. 

On the right – Matt Ochs giving out some pro tips at his local gaming store.

On the right – Matt Ochs giving out some pro tips at his local gaming store.

Demo time! Straight from the designer himself – Jesse Bergman

Demo time! Straight from the designer himself – Jesse Bergman


Glad you asked! There are plenty of benefits to being an ambassador – like being on the inside track to what's going on in the world of Sularia and what developments are occurring in the future of the game. We take feedback seriously and listen to the community playing our game. As an ambassador, you'll have the unique opportunity to interact with the team that makes Sularia and ensure your's and your gaming community's voices are heard. 

Did we mention Promos?

As an official Battle for Sularia ambassador, you'll receive special full-art promo cards that are only available to those who represent our game! These super-rare cards will be a stunning addition to your collection and really make your force stand out on the table!

Awesome, let's get started! what's the next step?

Excellent! Click the link to our APPLICATION HERE and fill it out. We'll get back to you soon about becoming an official Battle for Sularia ambassador!

Since day one, I've wanted to make sure we had a card game that looked as good as it played. These full-art promo cards I think really take it up a notch. I can't wait to get these out to all the players that have really championed Battle for Sularia in their local gaming communities!

– John Kimmel