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Designed by Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel

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Battle for Sularia is a science-fiction, post-apocalyptic card game.
— Jesse Bergman, Lead Designer

What Sets Battle for Sularia Apart from Other Trading Card Games...

Utilizes familiar trading card game mechanisms to help get you into the game more quickly and easily, but expands on those concepts with unique mechanisms and new ongoing monthly content for FREE through our Alpha Program.

Balanced play through dynamic round-based combat that ensures all players have an equal number of turns.

Multiple-resource systems that allow you to have something to do on each of your turns, in addition to creating a rewarding card "stack or chain" engagement between all players.

Build sites and position them strategically to set up your defenses and protect your resources from an opponent's assault.

Incorporates a unique point system that creates positive choices and consideration for all cards in the card pool when you build your custom play deck.

Provides complete play sets (four copies) of each card in all our standard packaging—starter sets, faction packs, and command packs.

Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins - Starter Set Includes

The original Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins (TBB) starter set and
Blood, Profit, and Glory: Command Pack (BPG) expansion.

  • 236 Total Cards

  • 25 Unique Jotune Faction Cards 

  • 25 Unique Synthien Faction Cards

  • 9 Unique Mercenary Cards

  • 1 Basic Rules Guide Booklet (TBB)

  • 1 Expansion Rules Insert (BPG)

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Deck Construction System

Battle for Sularia's unique "60/90" deck construction point system pushes the envelope on deck construction and maintains value and play consideration for all cards in the game. We’ve achieved this by designing cards with a value of one to four construction points. Decks, in turn, must have a minimum of 60 cards and cannot exceed a total 90 construction points.

Resource Management

Battle for Sularia utilizes an engaging two-resource system that includes influence and sularium. Any card can be used as influence, the first resource, which increases once per turn and allows players to establish sites. Sites, in turn, generate sularium, the second resource, which is used to deploy combatants – the primary threat against the opponent.

Threshold and Timing

Unexpected and powerful effect cards can be played over the course of the game. These are known as tactics and conditions, and while they typically do not require resources of any kind to play, they are only playable when their threshold has been met. Since threshold is based on how much influence you have, the more powerful the effect card, the longer you will have to survive in order to play it.

Simultaneous Combat

Battle for Sularia uses a round-based system, which allows each player to complete their turn before the round is over.

Fully-realized World

A science-fiction, post-apocalyptic setting full of amazing and brutal imagery designed to allow players to become fully immersed in their playing experience.



Don't take our word for it, check out what the critics have to say.


"I am an old school Magic player from the '90s. I gave that up for board games in the '90s as well. Originally I thought Dominion was that one game that would scratch my itch for playing Magic. I was right until now. Battle for Sularia is bad ass..."
– Larry Cruz – READ MORE


"Creating a lasting, evolving card based experience without bogging the base game down with clunky, complicated rules."
– Marc Hall


"My conclusions about the game are that it’s easy to learn, fast and furious to play but layered with tactical nuance that an experienced gamer will enjoy figuring out..."

Follow up review featuring draft play...

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Sularia was once a highly industrialized and flourishing world; resplendent with lush vegetation and a vibrant ecosystem. She stood out from her galactic siblings as a glittering jewel of silver and green in the desolate void of space. Captains of industry benefited from the natural wealth and stood at the height of Sularian society, directing the excavation of mineral resources and cultivating the rich land.

They did so for profit and built immense financial empires, bringing prosperity to the millions who dwelled within the planet’s burgeoning mega-cities. For many others, however, the rapacious speed with which the feuding corporations sought to glean the smallest advantage was merely a set of ever tightening bars. Hundreds of thousands trudged to work deep underground in sularium, mineral, and ore mines as the titanic lords of Industry – Kazakashi Corporation, Sylek Industrial, Jotune Corp, and Hyperionex – fought to secure an even larger share of the world’s spoils.

Day and night factories produced ever more sophisticated machines that would bury deeper still into Sularia’s crust in search of her vast riches. As they delved into the darkness, the body count soared; tunnels collapsed, methane vents were breached, pollutants rose to contaminate the land, and still the pace of industry increased. As it would until the great cataclysm.