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Designed by Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel

Box Art_Top_01.jpg

Battle for Sularia is a science-fiction, post-apocalyptic card game.
— Jesse Bergman, Lead Designer

Expandable by Design

Battle for Sularia is an expandable card game – not a collectible one. Therefore you can focus on destroying your enemies without destroying your bank account.

short to Learn, long to Master

Unique, yet familiar, mechanics allow for quick learning; while experienced players will continue to discover exciting and powerful combinations.

Lots of game in a Little box

Battle for Sularia can be played as a one-vs-one, free-for-all, team, draft, or as a custom player-driven game. A standard one-vs-one game takes 15-20 mins, which is ideal for best of three games tournament play!

Engaging Art and Interface Design

Featuring incredible artistic talent from all over the world and incorporating modern interface design in order to create intuitive and immersive game play.

The Battle Begins Includes

180 Cards (45 unique cards)  |  21 Jotune Faction Cards  |  21 Synthien Faction Cards  |  3 Mercenary Cards  |  Rules Insert