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The future of your faction's survival is depending on you! Gain influence and expand your forces to strategically defeat the opposing faction. You win the battle when you reduce your opponent’s health to zero. However, a Battle Commander must be cautious if their opponent is off-initiative. Since Battle for Sularia is a round-based card game, if your opponent is off-initiative, they have the chance to strike back and reduce your health total below theirs and thereby defeating you and winning the game!


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Designed by Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel

What is Battle for Sularia?

Multiple Play Modes

With one starter set, which we call a battle kit, you and your friend can play with the preconstructed 60 card play decks in a head-to-head 2 player game. The two players can then play in our "60/90" constructed format by customizing their play decks with the additional 60 cards provided in the box! If draft play is more your style, one battle kit also supports 2-4 player draft play!

60/90 Deck Construction

Each card has a construction point value of 1 to 4. Decks must have a minimum of 60 cards and cannot exceed a total construction value of 90 points. This system pushes the envelope on deck construction and maintains value and interests for all cards.

Two-resource System

Engaging two-resource system which includes influence and sularium. Influence increases once per round, while each player uses their influence to establish sites on their turn to help build their sularium stockpiles. Sularium is used to deploy combatants, which are used to attack your opponent's sites.

Round-based Game

Simultaneous combat! The game runs on a round-based system, which allows each player to complete their turn before the round is over.

Art and Lore

We've forged our own path in terms of game setting. This allows us to explore new content and visuals without restrictions, which in turn provides new players with a fresh start and removes the barrier of entry associated with older legacy games and stories.


Please note: the Exsularian and Protoan factions will be launched in 2017.