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Designed by Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel

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Battle for Sularia is a science-fiction, post-apocalyptic card game.
— Jesse Bergman, Lead Designer

What Sets Battle for Sularia Apart from Other Trading Card Games...

Utilizes familiar trading card game mechanisms to help get you into the game more quickly and easily, but expands on those concepts with unique mechanisms and new ongoing monthly content for FREE through our Alpha Program.

Balanced play through dynamic round-based combat that ensures all players have an equal number of turns.

Multiple-resource systems that allow you to have something to do on each of your turns, in addition to creating a rewarding card "stack or chain" engagement between all players.

Build sites and position them strategically to set up your defenses and protect your resources from an opponent's assault.

Incorporates a unique point system that creates positive choices and consideration for all cards in the card pool when you build your custom play deck.

Provides complete play sets (four copies) of each card in all our standard packaging—starter sets, faction packs, and command packs.

Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins - Starter Set Includes

The original Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins (TBB) starter set and
Blood, Profit, and Glory: Command Pack (BPG) expansion.

  • 236 Total Cards

  • 25 Unique Jotune Faction Cards 

  • 25 Unique Synthien Faction Cards

  • 9 Unique Mercenary Cards

  • 1 Basic Rules Guide Booklet (TBB)

  • 1 Expansion Rules Insert (BPG)