Sularia was once a highly industrialized and flourishing world; resplendent with lush vegetation and a vibrant ecosystem. She stood out from her galactic siblings as a glittering jewel of silver and green in the desolate void of space. Captains of industry benefited from the natural wealth and stood at the height of Sularian society, directing the excavation of mineral resources and cultivating the rich land.

They did so for profit and built immense financial empires, bringing prosperity to the millions who dwelled within the planet’s burgeoning mega-cities. For many others, however, the rapacious speed with which the feuding corporations sought to glean the smallest advantage was merely a set of ever tightening bars. Hundreds of thousands trudged to work deep underground in sularium, mineral, and ore mines as the titanic lords of Industry – Kazakashi Corporation, Sylek Industrial, Jotune Corp, and Hyperionex – fought to secure an even larger share of the world’s spoils.

Day and night factories produced ever more sophisticated machines that would bury deeper still into Sularia’s crust in search of her vast riches. As they delved into the darkness, the body count soared; tunnels collapsed, methane vents were breached, pollutants rose to contaminate the land, and still the pace of industry increased. As it would until the great cataclysm.