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Inside the Box

The Battle Begins starter set sorts the cards inside the box into two card packs. These card packs feature the two main factions – Synthien and Jotune, with Mercenary faction cards mixed throughout. The first 60 cards in each card pack (when viewed from the face card of the card pack) makes up a starter deck – one for each player. 

Each starter set contains enough cards for two players to play against each other in a constructed format, or two to four players in a draft format.

You can confirm your starter decks by reviewing the list below. Once you become more familiar with the game, we encourage you to make your own custom-designed play deck using our 60/90 deck construction rules.


G ray Harrier | Art by Tots

Gray Harrier | Art by Tots

The Jotune faction was designed to feature aggressive combatants with a host of options to increase their over-all fighting power. Affectionately referred to as space vikings by our development team, the Jotune should never be underestimated. Even with only a few combatants on the table, the amount of damage they can output, through the help of cards like Lord Fenris "The Wolf" and Art of War, can typically overcome a greater number of foes.

– Jesse Bergman


H ydra Reaver | Art by Filip Dudek

Hydra Reaver | Art by Filip Dudek

The Synthien were designed to be more of a utility faction. They may have access to large combatants or focus their sularium resources into powerful energy beams – essentially fighting from a distance for when the superior fighting forces of the Jotune become too overwhelming. Ultimately, it is this faction's ability to generate large amounts of sularium through cards like Master Mining Program, that puts them into direct conflict with the Jotune.

– Jesse Bergman



Check your Basic Rules Guide included in your copy of The Battle Begins or the online FAQ.

For more in-depth rules, search the online Comprehensive Rules.