Written by John Kimmel

Mercenaries Do What They Want!

It was that way before the Fracture, and it’s definitely that way now. For some it’s greed, for others it’s power, and for some it’s just for fun! Sularia is one messed up world. While there are at least two opposing factions on Sularia, there will be mercenaries waiting to capitalize on it.

In the world of Sularia, mercenaries are a “faction-less” faction. Therefore, they can work with any faction without restriction. Any faction may employ a mercenary for any number of reasons, and it’s up to that faction’s Battle Commander to decide whether or not they want mercenaries in their ranks.

Unlike the other factions of Sularia, the mercenaries are made up of a variety of personalities, skills, and abilities. Sure, a mercenary wants Sularium like everyone else, but it’s not their only motivation or reward. Mercenaries are made up of those who were either freeborn, or a previous member of one of the other factions. Whatever their past, mercenaries bring a lot of excitement to any faction they join. They offer abilities that most factions can’t do on their own. It’s for this very reason; that other factions will tolerate working with mercenaries and incorporate them into their plans.

Keep an eye out for mercenaries, as they offer some of the best utility in the game. That utility will only increase as Battle Commanders learn how to use them more effectively.