Written by John Kimmel

It’s been ages since the Synthien revolted from the Jotune and vanished out into the wastelands of Sularia. The Jotune had created the Synthien to be their labor force. In their arrogance, the Jotune never anticipated their artificial creations to become self-aware and rebel against their commands.

The Synthien’s primary function was to locate and mine sularium for the Jotune. The environment outside the Jotune biodomes was harsh and considered fatal to most organisms. The Jotune designed the Synthien to be extremely durable, even hostile if necessary, in order to protect themselves from unknown threats that lay in the waste. In addition to this durability, the stealth technology designed for them to aid in scouting undetected for sularium, has also proven to be useful in combat. Needless to say, the Synthien represent a significant threat to the peace and prosperity of the Jotune if their paths ever happen to cross again in the future.

For a time, the Jotune believed they had acquired enough sularium to maintain their status quo until they developed a new and renewable energy source. Again, the arrogance of the Jotune had gotten the better of them. Unfortunately for the Jotune, the time has come for them to assemble their forces and journey out into the waste to find new sources of sularium.

The Jotune force is anything but weak. While they may have abandoned and outlawed artificial intelligent technologies, they have continued development in all other areas of science and technology. Specifically, their advancements in mapping the human genome and genetic manipulation has exponentially evolved them beyond the mortals they were before the Fracture or even the Synthien revolt. The Jotune are literally superhuman and heavily armed. They survived the Fracture, they committed unspeakable acts to survive and evolve, and they will stop at nothing to continue their way of life.

As for the Synthien, they too have tried to develop a new energy source. Like the Jotune, they have also failed and continue to mine sularium. While sularium may arguably be a convenience resource for the Jotune, the Synthien need sularium for their very survival. Also like the Jotune, the Synthien have continued to advance since the time of the revolt. They have established mega-cities in some of the most hazardous areas on the planet. The Synthien believed these naturally toxic areas would protect them. Therefore, their own technological developments have been more focused on sularium exploration, production and refinement. This research into how to refine and use energy more efficiently also allows the Synthiens to apply this mining technology into lethal energy weapons and near impenetrable force field defenses. While Synthiens are essentially like any other lifeform, their ability to function without emotion and calculate almost any outcome at lightning speed, makes them a formidable opponent for any Jotune force.

The stage is set for the Jotune and Synthien!

Which force will you command in the upcoming battle for Sularia?