Written by Jesse Bergman

The Boys are Back in Town

Hey everyone, John and I just returned from Tulsa on Sunday night and I wanted to shoot a quick recap of the convention out to you all!  First let me say thank you so much to everyone that came by the booth and played Battle for Sularia.  We truly appreciate your time and taking the opportunity to learn our game.  The game was really well received.  From the looks of the feedback we got at the convention, it seems to be liked by everyone that played it!  Obviously we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Friday was another long day for us as we left Lincoln early in the morning and drove to Tulsa.  Short of a few near misses with wildlife on the drive, we had a pretty uneventful morning.  Upon arriving in Tulsa we immediately got our booth setup and prepared for day one activities.  From that point forward all the way through the weekend, we were constantly busy giving demos and talking about the game.  Everyone in Tulsa was so nice, and it was great to get so many positive words of encouragement from the players as well as their friends and family.  Instead of boring you with a ton of details I’ll just highlight a few things.

  • We officially gave our first autographs, and took a picture with a fan! If that wasn’t surreal I don’t know what is.

  • We had offers to buy demo kits from us (which we don’t sell BTW)

  • We networked with a few people that will help us bring illustrations to the cards very soon!

  • We played a lot of Battle for Sularia!

Here are some of the things our reviewers had to say about the game!

  • "Fun overall experience. Combat unique."
  • "Good depth of gameplay, very dynamic uses of cards that generate resources"
  • "Simple to learn and fun to play. I would play this again for sure!"
  • "I enjoyed how strategy based it was."

Feedback Results

By the numbers: (1 being the lowest score and 7 being the highest score.)

  • Avg overall fun rating: 6.3333 (out of 7 max)

  • Avg Replay Rating: 6.571 (out of 7 max)

Those numbers are just amazing to John and I. They show how much Tulsa loved our game, and that is exactly why he and I work so hard to make Battle for Sularia the best it can possibly be!

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