Written by Matt Ochs

Gain influence. Establish sites. Mine sularium. Lead your forces to victory. We've unlocked the fourth and final game step in the Battle for Sularia. Combatants make up the bulk of your forces; fierce warriors, monstrous mechanoid hulks, and angelic winged shock troops all combine their might to bring you victory on the table top.


The battle is coming to you this January, let's take an advanced look at some of the combatants that will aid you in the conflict to come!

First up are the Jotune, genetically enhanced super-humans, each of their warriors is a fearsome adversary in combat.


Red Condor, mid-level Jotune combatant with Flight.

Cool, calm, and collected, Lord Oathki is a dangerous adversary.


Specializing in combat and lead by Lord Oathki Vasaad, the Jotune are able to establish an early board presence with their flying armada and rain fire from the sky! If your opponentsdon't react quickly, they are likely to be overwhelmed!

Where the Jotune blitz the battlefield with fast deployments, the Synthien are tough and pack the power of massive warmachines!


Hades Sularium Crawler, Able to persist in the most dangerous of conditions.

Like the Hydra Reaver, most of the Synthien's combatants are huge!


That's it for today, stay tuned for later this week when we take a look at where these combatants and the rest of your arsenal will take place when they battle on the table top!