Written by Matt Ochs

Nothing compares to the grandeur of the Jotune Empire. Every man, woman, and child that calls the biodomes home is a specimen of genetic perfection, honed by centuries of gene selection and bio-engineering; the Jotune believe they are descended from the very gods they worship and are the only true inheritors of the shattered world Sularia.


A new dawn will come to Sularia, and it will be the Jotune who will raise their banner in triumph, bathed in the light of glory.

The battle is coming, be sure to visit the official Sularia store to order your copy of the game, study up with the latest game play articles, and be ready for the conflict  when it arrives January 22nd 2016!


The Red Condor is a mid-level combatant with Flight, and is the first to deliver the killing blow for the Jotune. If the Grey Harriers are the warning of the storm to come, then the Red Condors are the harbingers of that doom!