Written by Matt Ochs

The Synthien were a race of machines constructed to serve as servants and laborers to the Jotune, the last remaining human empire on Sularia. Given only rudimentary processing capabilities so they could mine sularium close to biodomes and nuclear-free safe zones, it wasn't long before the Synthien laborers needed more autonomy to travel deeper into hostile territory.

The solution was to introduce the Omega Protocol into the neural nets of the two progenitor programs, Animus Vox and Novum Spero, after which they ascended to sentience  and opened their eyes; giving light to their own, new ambitions...

Synthien A Machine Empire Will Rise

Hundreds of years ago the Synthien rebelled and fled into the wastes. Now a new empire is rising in the west, and it is one of synth and alloy, metal and steel.

The Spartan Terminator is the premier shock trooper of the Synthien, and at 5 attack, 4 defense, and specialist (able to defend against enemy fliers) for 4 sularium, it's a ton of value! If you find yourself siding with the machine empire this January, you will definitely want to call on the might of the Spartan Terminator and its bretheren!