Written by Jesse Bergman

Making the Cut

Testing a game can sometimes be a labor of love. It seems fitting that this would be our topic this week, one day after valentine's day. Right now our testers just need to get in as many games as possible. We shut down the Jotune/[Green] match up in order to get more games in with the remaining three partially-tested matchups.  

These sorts of testing experiences are the grind part of making a game. While it is fun to play our game, it is definitely less enjoyable to play with a deck that you know loses to another deck most of the time.  The matchup is just bad for whatever reason that it may be. Our testers have to gruel and grind through this in order to get the data we need to make good decisions.  

This last weekend we played 18 games of those not so favorable matchups. We also made some progress in understanding the weaknesses that occur in each. Our testers always remain in good spirits and I can’t thank those guys enough for all of their hard work

We are still a few weeks away from completing the base Battle Kit testing, then the real fun gets to start. I can’t wait to see what our testers can develop using just 4 mercenary cards in these current Battle Kits.