Written by John Kimmel

Early Spoiler!

First of all, we are posting this spoiler a little earlier than expected as our way of showing appreciation and excitement for the upcoming Great Plains Game Festival. We are pleased to be a sponsor in this year’s event!

This weeks spoiler comes from the Jotune faction. Known as the Vassad Saboteur, this combatant is a master of destruction! As a combatant with an attack and defense value of 2, for a sularium cost of 2, the Vassad Saboteur is just an average physical combatant. However, what makes him so problematic for your opponent is its activated ability. In fact, this is the first card we have shown with an activated ability; and it happens to be one of the stronger ones in our first release. The Vassad Saboteur can target combatants and sites alike and therefore finds it way into almost any Jotune battle deck.

Check back regularly for new announcements and possible card spoilers – cheers!