Written by Jesse Bergman

Getting Our Sponsorship On!

This year we had the pleasure of meeting Cameron Iwan and Ken Versaw, the key contributors to the Great Plains Game Festival. What is the Great Plains Game Festival? Thanks for asking. Sorry if you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway. GPGF is the midwest’s premier open gaming festival located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

There is a wide variety of gaming conventions that people may attend. Most of them  have a lot of exciting vendors and game events to play while you’re there. But,they typically  have very few open tables if you don’t sign up in advance.  If you are a first time game convention goer, this may not seem like a big deal until your favorite game event is full. You paid money to attend the con and can’t play your favorite game because there are no available spots.

For us here at Punch-It Entertainment, GPGF offers the perfect solution. Open gaming is the focus of the event. Of course there are scheduled events and these events allow you to get a traditional gaming convention experience. This simply isn’t the focus though. You and your friends can show up and play games against, or with, people you don’t know in a family safe environment.

The Official Flyer

I have attached the promotional flyer for GPGF. We are the headline sponsor for the event, and of course will be demoing Battle for Sularia™ all weekend long.  Even if we were not able to show a game, we’d want to be part of this.  John and I would be there playing games, hosting events, and having one heck of a weekend. So if you are a card player, board game player, RPG’er, or maybe you’ve never done anything like this before; GPGF offers the perfect place for anyone to play games.