Site Cards

The excitement continues as we present this weeks card spoiler from the Synthien faction - the Sularium Mining Station. The previous spoilers featured combatants, but for this week we our presenting our first site card!

Sites are one of the three core card types. Those card types being combatants, sites, and tactic/condition cards (aka effect cards). If you read some of the previous mechanics blogs, you may have noticed that the upper-left hand corner of the card represents the “cost” or “threshold” to play that card. So far, we’ve shown the sularium™ symbol in the upper-left hand corner on our past card spoilers. The sites are the main source generating that sularium™. The upper-right hand side of the cards shows the amount a site (or any card) generates sularium™. However, a site itself costs influence, which is the game’s other resource type. The concentric-circle icon in the upper-left hand corner of a site card represents the influence cost. For more information about influence, please follow the mechanics blog.

With that little mechanics recap in mind, this weeks spoiler comes from the Synthien faction - the Sularium Mining Station. This is consider a common 2-cost site for the Synthien™ faction. The artist, Wizyakuza, perfectly captures the industrial-labor force design of the Synthien™ faction for this card. And since I’m on the subject of art, keep an eye out for the our artwork discussion articles also featured in the development blog.

As always, stay tuned for future card spoilers - cheers!