Written by Jesse Bergman

A Big Week

Last week was a big week for us here at Punch-It Entertainment. We went to GAMA and then came back to Lincoln and sponsored the Great Plains Game Festival. We are still recuperating and recovering, but the information that we took away from both shows was vital to the marketing and production of Battle for Sularia.


GAMA 2015

What is GAMA? GAMA is an organization for retailers and manufacturers of board games to come together. It is one of the only places that all the players in the industry can converge at in order to share ideas, gain knowledge, and market products.

Our experience was filled with great insight and we had an opportunity to listen to some very well established game makers talk about how to produce better games and make our business sustainable.

What did we take away from GAMA? First we were able to network with many key contacts that will help us get Battle for Sularia into your hands! Yah!! Second we were able to analyze our market much closer and figure out how we can be better for you, our customers. 

This means that our base Battle Kit offering will be not only be more affordable, but secondly it will be more customer friendly. A prospect that anyone can appreciate. How are we going to do this? While I can't necessarily reveal all the information to you right away I can tell you that a Battle Kit in its final form will contain complete playsets of all the cards! This is something up to this point that no other Evolving Card Game manufacturer has offered to their customers, at least not that we are aware of.  

We are not ready to announce an official date yet, but we also took away a need to define exactly when our Kickstarter campaign will begin. Please stay tuned to find out exactly when this will happen.

Great Plains Game Festival

GPGF is an amazing local event right here in lincoln. It was held at Innovation campus this year and the turn out was awesome. We were so busy offering demo's of Battle for Sularia the weekend just flew by.  We gave everyone an opportunity to try out our new "quick" demo. The quick demo is designed to allow players to pick up play right in the middle of the game. They have unique choices and they get to play two rounds of the game. The total demo time doesn't exceed 15 - 20 minutes!

This new demo does offer us some challenges though. First, how to we adequately gauge player interest in 15 to 20 minutes, and second is it enough time to interest someone?  We believe we answer our own question when players come back to us for a complete play experience. We also believe that the second question remains unanswered.

A first time player getting a complete experience requires at least an hour. To give them the "best" parts of the experience in 15 minutes should hook players the same as a full experience. Afterall, its just a demo and designed to entice you to play more. If you were at GPGF and want to comment on our quick demo, please feel free to do so in our comments section on this article.

We were also the lanyard provider for GPGF and it was very surreal for us to see everyone in the room with a BFS lanyard on.  We hope you all liked them and we definitely have more, so if you want another one, come find us at an upcoming event.

Finally a big thanks to all the voluteers, at GPGF and specifically the Punch-It Entertainment volunteers that helped us all last week. Jenny Schroeder, Frank Hruby, Kent Keiser, and Matt Greenleaf. We couldn't have done this without your support and BFS wouldn't be the game it is today without your help! 

Now get out there and play some games!!

GPGF is an amazing local event right here in lincoln. It was held at Innovation campus this year and the turn out was awesome. We were so busy offering demo’s of Battle for Sularia the weekend just flew by.
— Jesse Bergman