Written by Jesse Bergman


A while back I discussed the sularium phase of the turn. This week we will dig into the combatant phase.  In this phase of your turn you get to use your sularium to deploy combatants into the battle field. The combatant phase is a relatively simple phase as it just involves the deployment of combatants. It is recommended to read my previous articles in this series before continuing.  As a quick reminder I've listed the phases of the turn below.


The Turn is defined as each player taking the necessary steps of their turn before play is passed to the next player. The turn is comprised of the following phases of the game.

Combatant Phase

The combatant phase allows us to play our combatants out into the battle field. Combatants cost sularium and they deplete the sularium in our sularium pool. We can deploy as many combatants as we are able to pay for from our sularium pool. Unlike sites, combatants cannot come to your aid right away. Combatants are deployed activated, which means they are rotated to a horizontal or 90 degree position. The position of combatants in you combatant zone does not have any effect on the game play.

Activated Combatant

Activated Jotune Combatant

Activated Jotune Combatant

There are Four Steps to the Combatant Phase:

  1. The combatant phase starts with a game state sequence that checks for any cards in the battlefield with the term: "At the start of your combatant phase." These triggered modifiers are put on a command chain in the order desired by the player whose turn it is. 

  2. The player whose turn it is may deploy a combatant. This is an action and is able to be responded to by their opponent by revealing tactic or condition cards. The player whose turn it is may deploy any additional combatants one at a time allowing his opponent to respond each additional combatant. If an opponent takes an action after the deployment action the player who made the deployment action is allowed to respond. The player whose turn it is cannot deploy another combatant until the prior combatant has resolved onto the battlefield.

  3. The command window opens up and players may take actions playing tactic and condition cards. When the game steps to this point, no additional combatants may be played.

  4. After the command window effects have resolved the game automatically steps into the next phase of the game.

The attack phase will be the next designing the battle series. The attack phase is a much longer article to write. I will probably break this article up into a couple different pieces in order to keep the reading to a minimum each week. If you would rather see one longer article feel free to shoot me a message either here or on Facebook.

Until next time!