Written by John Kimmel

Rising Above it All

It’s that time again for another card spoiler from the new Battle for Sularia, the Battle Card System game, coming out early next year! This weeks spoiler comes from the Jotune faction - the Guard Tower. The Guard Tower is a 1-costing site for the Jotune faction and it is their first site spoiled here.

While the Guard Tower may be a simple 1-costing site, it also demonstrates that no matter the perceived power level, we strive to make each card look as impressive as possible. This is because we’ve made a commitment early on in Battle for Sularia’s production to make the game look as good as it plays. However, being a startup company on a limited budget has definitely made it a challenge. That said, we’ve been very fortunate to find some amazing artists as well as art reps who’ve offered us some affordable and amazing services.

As we continue on with future card spoilers and articles, you will start to see a trend on how each faction not only looks but also their strengths and weaknesses. In other words, how each faction will start to develop it’s own visual style and identity as a faction; in addition to how they function and specialize in versus another faction.

So as always, please remember to check back regularly for future card spoilers and articles - cheers!