Written by Jesse Bergman

Hello Fellow Battle Commanders!

We just returned from Origins Game Fair in Columbus OH. This marked another marathon of demos that we’ve done here at Punch-It Entertainment. We started two weekends ago with Omaha’s Inaugural O Comic Con, which was held at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs, IA. I will recap our experience from these two weekends and some of the amazing things we heard or saw. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Frank Hruby, and Kent Keiser for volunteering their time to help show and in some cases beat up on people trying their hand at Battle for Sularia. Some of you beat them up pretty good also. I know Frank and Kent, didn’t leave the Con without a few bumps and bruises. Not literally of course!

O Comic Con

O Comic Con was a major success, we were excited to get involved early on with the team over at O Comic Con and signed up as a top level vendor. This gave us a prime entrance booth right next to our good friends over at Legends Comics and Coffee. We had an absolutely amazing weekend offering demos to all kinds of people. O Comic Con spanned three days and I’ll briefly run down the highlights from each day.


Friday was a slightly slower day for the Con but regardless we ended up almost missing our own panel because we were having so much fun sharing Battle for Sularia with convention attendees. Speaking of panels, John and I offered an hour long presentation/Q&A panel where we discussed the things we have learned in designing, developing, and publishing Battle for Sularia. There were around a dozen or so people that came to listen to us ramble and we hope we inspired some new designers to get out there and make games.


Saturday was a whirlwind for us, we were busy pretty much throughout the whole day and reminded us just how much people from Nebraska and Iowa love games. They may truly be the best gamers we’ve found anywhere in the Country. John and I were invited by Project Nerd to do a podcast interview. As of this writing we have not seen that interview published. We will be sure to update you all here on this website as soon as it goes up.

I couldn’t quit thinking about your game while driving home!
— O Comic Con Attendee

Origins Game Fair 2015

This year marked the 40th year of the Origins Game Fair and the first time we had ever attended Origins or exhibited here. We were in booth #947 at the back of the hall, near the Origins Award voting area. Our entire weekend blurred together, but we met some fantastic people. Cisco and Renee, who were representing the Origins Fan Award winning game Spoils, were in the booth right across from us and we had so much fun with all of the Spoils folks over the weekend.

We gave countless demos and many Battle Commanders knew the thrill of victory and the acrid tang of defeat during the weekend's events! Throughout the weekend we were holding on, scared that we were going to run out of promo materials. We had brought over 200 promo cards to Origins and a number of Lanyards. While our Lanyards were not at risk we came home with about 15 promo cards! This was by far and away the busiest we have ever been at one of our convetion booths.

After walking through this entire convention, this is the only game here we wish we could buy…
— Origin Game Fair attendee


All we can say to these kinds of comments is thank you. We thank you so much for loving our game as much as we do, and ask you to hang on because we are less than 2 weeks from the Kickstarter Launch.