Written by Jesse Bergman

Coming to Kickstarter June 23, 2015

That's right everyone! Battle for Sularia has been given the green light on the Kickstarter platform to launch at any time. We are now prepared to announce the time and date for the Kickstarter. For some, the date was already known, as we have been talking about it for a few months at demos and shows. For the rest of you, it was still a mystery but we are going to lift the veil off our first game  Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins.

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Learn more about the Kickstarter from our page and dive into all the great blog posts from John and I over the last year or so and learn everything you can today!

Coming Soon!

  • Comprehensive Rules
  • Black and White Print-and-Play Copy of Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins
  • Print-and-Play Copy of the Battle for Sularia Playmats
  • Official Battle for Sularia Playmats
  • Launch of Our YouTube channel Featuring Video Content About the Game

As you can see we are very busy right now here at Punch-It Entertainment, LLC, but cannot wait to share this amazing game with all of you!