Written by John Kimmel


In celebration of the Battle for Sularia launch on Kickstarter this week, we are shaking things up a bit on this card spoiler announcement today! Leading the charge on our Kickstarter page is the Jotune’s lord of the skies – Lord Oathki “The Hawk.” It’s only fitting that we spoil the Sky Hawk as well – symbolizing a 'joint strike force' from our game mechanics.

As a Jotune player, Lord Oathki is arguably one of the most significant combatant cards you could consider in your deck build. He has FLIGHT and FOCUS, so he cannot only cherry pick rear sites at will, but he is a skilled warrior whose attack and defense values improve significantly on whether he is an attacker or defender. Furthermore, Lord Oathki has an attack value of 5 and defense value of 4 at a sularium cost of 4 – talk about a power card! Oh, and yeah, he helps you establish your sites with less influence. Why you may ask? Because, he does what he wants!

The Sky Hawk is no slouch either. She is more of a veteran type combatant and is considered a little more uncommon on the battlefield. However, as a combatant with an attack value of 6 and defense value of 4, as well as FLIGHT for a sularium cost of 5, you can expect to see this card at some point in the battle – specifically, at the point shortly before your opponent is crushed!

That’s it for this week. Again, we can’t say thank you enough for the amazing support we have experienced with the launch of the Kickstarter! And remember, check back regularly for new announcements and possible card spoilers – cheers!