Keywords – Part 2

Last week I wrote an article laying out the power of BARRAGE and how it can quickly change the shape of an opponents sites and how it can add extra damage to an attack. There are lots of synergies around BARRAGE, however, in The Battle Begins FLIGHT will take a center stage to all the keyword abilities. 

You've probably seen FLIGHT in other card games. Its a pretty common mechanic found across the board in order to make a combatant more aggressive or gain advantages. In Battle for Sularia this holds true as well. However, FLIGHT is arguably one of the most versatile abilities in the game. Combatants with FLIGHT are not only very difficult to defend they also gain significant strategic value when declaring attacks. Let's take a peek at the rules for FLIGHT based on our most current comprehensive rules.


  • Combatants with FLIGHT may target protected rear row sites for attacks

  • Combatants with FLIGHT cannot be defended by other combatants unless:

  • The defending combatant has FLIGHT

  • The defending combatant has SPECIALIST.

The first rule of FLIGHT is that a combatant may target protected rear row sites for attacks. The second rule for FLIGHT indicates that combatants with the keyword value FLIGHT cannot be defended by other combatants unless the defending combatants have either FLIGHT or SPECIALIST.

Pretty simple stuff here, but definitely worth noting. Flying combatants in Battle for Sularia can quite literally exploit an opponents protected and typically weaker sites. This is huge for being able to deal big damage through BLAST THROUGH or being able to potentially deny multiple resource locations through a multiple combatant flight attack. Additionally, smart opponents may choose to put more powerful and useful sights out of harm's way and sacrifice their lower defense sites for the sake of keeping power on the Battlefield. Flying combatants can nullify that site building strategy as well.

With all that upside whats the down side? Remember I like to develop risk and reward systems. FLIGHT combatants are generally more offensive than defensive, and only in specific factions will you find combatants with FLIGHT that have more equalized stat distribution. If you think your FLIGHT combatants are safe, think again, they are usually well within reach of direct damage effects, or other continuous modifiers that can quickly ground them.  

The Jotune faction relies heavily on FLIGHT to gain advantages over their opposing Battle Commanders. This was thematic by design, the Jotune are, at least in their eyes, the image of the perfect human race. They have gone through the painstaking process of eradicating genetic defects from the human genome. It's exactly why they have remained hole'd up in their Bio-Domes for almost a millennium. FLIGHT is metaphoric for them, as they believe themselves tantamount to gods over the planet Sularia. They believe they are quite literally above everyone else on the planet. Therefore, it only makes sense that the Jotune would have the FLIGHT mechanic predominately over the other factions.

There are certainly other winged and flying combatants in Sularia, some of them are monstrous in nature and capable of exceeding the Jotune's prowess in the air, but with guys like Lord Oathki Vassad around you can bet the Jotune won't go down without a fight.