Written by Jesse Bergman

We have your Funds

Hey everyone! We received your funds today!

What does this mean? It means that we are now able to initiate contracts with our manufacturing partner and shipping partner. The ball will be rolling very soon here and we hope to have proofs back to us in under thirty days!


We still have some outstanding surveys out there and we need to get this locked down very soon. The majority of you have updated and filled out your surveys, thank you for that. For everyone else, please fill these out and get them back to us ASAP. We don't know how many playmats to purchase, or which ones for that matter until everyone has responed. We definitely do not want the add-ons to create any sort of significant delay in out deliveries.

Art Update

We have received all the artwork for The Battle Begins at this point. We were waiting on 4 pieces to be finished before we could send to the printer and we got them all in earlier this week. So far our production is on schedule and we are looking forward to getting this game out to you as quickly as possible.

Here are the 4 cards in their final glory for you to enjoy!


Remember our visit this website often. We will be adding lots of new information ove the coming months and want all of you to know the best place to find it.

What can you expect?

  • Launching our Pre-order ECommerce system, for you or your friends that want to get additional copies of Battle for Sularia.
  • Launching our Standard Playmat line.
  • Additional limited accessories for sale(more on this later)
  • Ambassador program to help us grow Battle for Sularia.
  • Tournament Rules and how to become a tournament organizer
  • And much, much more....