Written by John Kimmel

Greetings Fellow Battle Commanders!

We have some exciting news following some of our card's graphic design feedback over the last few months. While we've been fortunate to have very positive criticism over-all, since we have now successfully funded on Kickstarter recently, we're now in a position to address some of those comments that related directly to card readability.

As you can see above, we have redesigned the cost icons to be on the same dark field as the rest of the card's statistical information. We think this will also help players more easily see the icons as this provides a greater contrast. In addition, while it may not be so apparent in the example above, we have now changed the color of all the upper left cost colors – yellow for sularium cost (as seen above), purple for influence, and green for threshold. Sularium generation in the upper right has now been switched to blue (since it is closer to the thematic color of sularium in the game). The attack value and defense values stayed the same, respectively red and green. Additional subtle changes include a serif typeface with center alignment to help distinguish the "flavor text" from the rest of the card's "mechanic text" – as well as brackets around the construction cost value at the bottom of the card and reversing the black text to white text on our legal disclaimer.

We're excited to hear from our fans about these changes and look forward to implementing them into our first Battle Kit which is scheduled to ship later this year.