Interview by Matt Ochs

A foreword by Matt Ochs –

It's an exciting time for us here at Punch-It Entertainment, the publishers of the Battle for Sularia, and especially so for founders Jesse and John. First a word from both, and then an exclusive sneak peek at a card slated for release later this year!

Hello everyone, my name is Jesse Bergman. Many of you know me already as the lead designer for Battle for Sularia. We are just a few short days away from the launch of the game and we wanted to take a brief moment to address all of our fans, backers, family, etc. I also serve as the President of Punch-It Entertainment LLC where we hope to continue to grow as a great game publisher. Punch-It is a small indie publisher with a team of 5 people all working to bring you the best quality games we can. Battle for Sularia started roughly 3 ½ years ago for me when I began fleshing out a concept design document I had created while earning my degree in video game design.

Battle for Sularia would not have come this far without the help of many people. Some are volunteers, others are now part of the team, all were integral to helping bring Battle for Sularia to life. On Friday, you will be able to go to local retailers in Omaha Ne, Kearney Ne, Sioux City Ia, Lincoln Ne, and Olathe Ks and purchase your copy of the game. If a local store near you doesn’t carry the game, then we encourage you to either purchase from our store at www.sularia.com/shop or talk to your store owner and have them reach out to us.

Battle for Sularia is a game that serves as our very first published title. We couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out and the potential it has to shake up the expandable card game market. It’s a great time to be in the game industry, and we think that our price point combined with a truly unique resource management system, and innovative deck construction system will help us stand out from the crowd.

Some of you may be wondering what is next for Battle for Sularia? This is a great question, and I’d like to briefly go over what we have planned. There is a lot more about the future of Sularia that will take a series of articles to discuss in detail, so here’s the cliffnotes:

  1. At least two expansions by the end of 2016.
  2. National Tournament and first ever Battle for Sularia National Champion

  3. Local Tournaments with exclusive promos for participants and winners

  4. Battle Commander Program, an exciting and engaging platform with even more promos and opportunities!

Let’s talk about expansions. First, I cannot name the expansion that is coming up in Q2 of 2016, but I can tell you that it is really exciting and thoroughly shakes the meta game up. We are doing everything we can to finance as much of the expansion as possible on our own, but we will need your help as we go back to Kickstarter with it. You can expect an official announcement and when it's coming to Kickstarter very soon. In the meantime, here are a few words from my great friend and co-founder John Kimmel.

.     .     .

Hi folks, I’m John Kimmel. As the Vice-President and co-founder, I function as the older and more salty half of the company. Ha! I kid, I kid. Jesse already covered a lot in regards to who Punch-It Entertainment is and how awesome the support has been for our new card game – Battle for Sularia. With that in mind, I'll take this opportunity here to talk a little about my own contributions and insight on the game.

I did my best to infuse a lot of what I think is cool into Battle for Sularia, and I kind of went nuts to get the overall visual design of the game just right. My focus being on how things looked as well as how they sounded. In other words, applying my background in branding to create specific identities for each faction. Then, pitching those core concepts and further refining them with Jesse. And since I’m also a bit of a gamer nerd, I also dabbled a little in some of the mechanics and keywords – all to help give the game the look and feel I thought it deserved.

To our fans, I hope that you have fun playing this game. Battle for Sularia really is near and dear to me – well, frankly, to all of us here at Punch-It Entertainment. As you get to see more of Sularia, the inspiration drawn from ‘80s sci-fi will become more and more apparent. Movies such as Dune, Blade Runner, Aliens, Mad Max– and Star Wars, of course – along with cartoons like Heavy Metal, He-Man, and Thundarr the Barbarian, have all had an impact on the overall vibe of the game. We have also been bringing on some new blood recently and with it comes some amazing new storytelling and unique card design ideas!

Jesse mentioned our expansions, and wow, the versatility to game play strategies and look of the cards are awesome – super excited to get these out over the coming year! And lastly, I mentioned how the look of the game is incredibly important to us all here at Punch-It Entertainment, so a very special thank you to our illustrators. The talent we have found to bring these ideas to life is unbelievable! Can’t wait for the coming year...



Upcoming Command Pack – Expansion Set

Our second release, slated for late spring/early summer 2016, is a small command pack expansion to this month's large battle kit release, and with it comes a brand new set of cards, new layers of strategy, and a colorful new cast of characters!

Let's take a look a look at one of the characters who will play a starring role, Furtim Braccae...


Designed by guest designer, Aaron Reis, as part of our last Kickstarter campaign; Furtim is a powerful new tool in the Synthien control arsenal. He's able to redirect any effect played by an opponent! Cards like Evasion, It's a Trap, and Feedback all come to mind... even against a card like Sularim Tactical Assault Beam, in a multiplayer game, could be a game changer. A card like this is huge, and likely to make a big impact on your games of Battle for Sularia when it, and all the rest of the cards of Command Pack #1 release in the coming months.

You're safe from the predations of Furtim Braccae for now, but stay tuned because there's much more to come!