Written by Matt Ochs

Hot Off the Press!

Battle Kits are arrived mid last week to our pre-order and Kickstarter Backers! If you were lucky enough to be an early adopter, you got some very nice promo cards. If not, stay tuned for info about how you can get your hands on exclusives too!

JT proudly displays his battle kit he got on pre-order during our Black Friday special.

Chris L loves his new game and promo cards!

Justin B. got an exclusive Kickstarter edition playmat with his battle kit.

Lucky Kickstarter Backers got some nice alternate art promo cards.

Donovan B. shows off his new cards with Kickstarter promos.

Lucas S. broke the code for System Scramble's flavor text...

Collin J. was a VIP Kickstarter backer and got a very sweet exclusive Lord Oathki art print.

Battle for Sularia has also launched at select retail locations as well! Check out our Retailer's Page to find a store selling our products near you. And if your store doesn't stock our new card game, click here and  demand that they do by scrolling to the bottom of the page!

Joshua enjoys a game of Sularia with his cousin Frank. He loves his new Sularium Tactical Assault Beam playmat that he bought through our online store!

Cameron begins building his own deck with our unique 60/90 deck construction system.

Under Cullen's watchful gaze, Chase and Peter pit the Jotune against the Synthien at 31st Century's release party.

Creator & Lead Designer, Jesse Bergman, guides a new player through a demo at Gauntlet Games in Linconln, NE on Friday night.

Available now at select retailers!

Players were cracking open battle kits this last Friday and getting their first experience of Battle for Sularia!

Players battle it out on the table top at one of our release events.

Media Director, Matt Ochs, and Peter share a laugh, probably over an incoming Hekaton Warhulk!

Chris M. battles with a friend as the Synthien this last Saturday.

Father and Son, Jim and James, explore their new cards at our VIP Kickstarter backer party on Saturday.

Lead Developer, Matt Greenleaf, shows Matthew W. the ropes in his first game.

Scott B. of Mythic Affinity takes on Matt Ochs.

Thank you!

If you have pictures of you and your friends playing Sularia and would like to show them off, send them to me at or link them to us on Facebook, Twitter (@SulariaBCG), and Instagram (SulariaBCG) with #thebattlebegins and we'll share them!

And remember, if you have rules questions, issues, or need a clarification, visit our rules page here, where you can submit a question in our FAQ section and see it added to the growing list that helps players like you!

From the whole Punch-It Entertainment team, thanks for a great launch!


(L to R) Lead Developer Matt Greenleaf, Media Director Matt Ochs, Lead Designer & President Jesse Bergman, Lead Market Analyst Frank Hruby, Creative Director & Vice-President John Kimmel, Playtester Emeritus Kent Keiser.