Written by Matt Ochs

The Battle Begins

The Synthien endured for centuries as the unwitting servants, slaves, and laborers of the Jotune - but no longer! The red eye awakens and a new machine empire is rising in the west, and it is one of synth and steel.

The Jotune lead the last remaining remnants of humanity to safety following the cataclysm of the Fracture. It is they who will bring a glorious New Dawn to the world as they reclaim their rightful place as the rulers of Sularia and the gods' chosen!


On the 22nd The Battle Begins and is coming to a game store near you! Can't wait to get your hands on a copy? Pre-order from  our store and ensure that you get your copy on release day! 

The only thing left to decide is which side will you choose - Synthien or Jotune?


Animus Vox - Synthien Combatant Card

Centropolis Card - Synthien Site Card

Feedback - Synthien Tactic Card

Master Mining Program - Synthien Condition Card

Oathki - Jotune Combatant Kickstarter  Promo Card

Bergheim "the Wolf's Den" - Jotune Site Card

Strength in Numbers - Jotune Tactic Card

Fire from the Sky - Jotune Condition Card