Written by Jesse Bergman | Layout by John Kimmel


It's been a couple of weeks now since Kickstarter backers got their hands on Blood, Profit, and Glory. I now want to take an in depth look at the pack and talk about the design choices that we made and some that were made for us!

The Jotune faction got four cards in the pack:

  1. Lady Worgana "The Fang"
  2. Shield of Hrothgar
  3. Sword of Hrothgar
  4. From Whence Thou Came

To start with we can look at Lady Worgana "The Fang." Worgana was a card inspired by a VIP backer of ours Jim O'Flaherty, during The Battle Begins Kickstarter Campaign. Jim has been a long time friend of ours and is an avid video game player. Jim has even dabbled a bit in game design himself over the years! Jim was very inspired to create an empowered female lead character for the game. Worgana was inspired by some of the fiercest female fighters here on Earth. This was a very nice surprise for me personally, as I had already been discussing female lead characters on Sularia with the team. We had wanted female characters and leads to have a significant impact on Sularia in the first place. The Battle Begins was so tight for card space that we just couldn't get that much to happen there, with the exception of Sky Hawk, and Cloud Falcon. Worgana became the lynch pin to inspiring the other female fighters in the game. The Jotune 'Warrior' characteristic is a caste in Jotune society made up solely of female fighters. They are mighty, strong, and ready to destroy anyone or anything that stands in their way. Worgana, gives all Jotune Warrior combatants FOCUS: 2. This ability is very versatile for both defense and offense. I know I said the dreaded 'D' word with the Jotune, but take it from me, the Jotune are very capable defenders. I see you Warhulk, now watch my Cloud Falcon stand and deliver a killing blow!

Worgana has FOCUS 2: herself, but without flight, she's alone is marginally worse then Lord Oathki "The Hawk." Her power comes from bringing other Warrior's into the fray. The Sword and Shield of Hrothgar offer the first peak at the new caste. The Shield being the more defensive unit, and the Sword focusing on raw power. It's not unusual to see a Shield be a 4/6 defender, or even bigger with the help of Storm Citadel! The Swords are on par offensively with Worgana, when she is around to inspire them. This gives you significant fire power for very modest sularium spend. As we all know the Jotune do not make sularium like their robot children, but the Warriors do not care... 


Worgana, gives all Jotune Warrior combatants
FOCUS: 2. This ability is very versatile for both offense and defense.
— Jesse Bergman, Design Director


These two combatants were deliberately chosen to highlight the power of the Warrior builds moving forward, and lay an awesome foundation for what we intend to do with the characteristic in upcoming expansions.


The final card in the pack for the Jotune is From Whence Thou Came, it is the crown jewel for the Jotune, and will make any Synthien player worth their salt drastically consider modifying their deck lists from The Battle Begins. From Whence Thou Came, was the answer to the Jotune mirror matches, and the Synthien Aggro/Direct Damage hybrid lists that had emerged from The Battle Begins. The Jotune could get tricky and defeat Warhulks, Hydra Reavers, and Assault Synthoids. But now with From Whence Thou Came, they can absolutely continue being aggressive without holding back their precious threats. Designed at a construction cost of 2, we didn't want this card to be an auto include in every Jotune deck without major choices to be made on either the combatant curves, or site curves. 


In a few weeks, we will highlight the design of the Synthien cards from Blood, Profit, and Glory. If you have any questions regarding design choices, please comment below! We love hearing from our players and fans.