Written by Matt Ochs

We just launched the The Battle Begins at the end of last month and it's already time to debut our next release! So without further ado, we're pleased to present...

Battle for Sularia Command Pack: Blood, Profit, and Glory

Kickstarter launch: April 5, 2016

Release: June - July 2016

There are heroes who simply refuse to play by the rules. Known by allies and enemies alike as rogues, rebels, and renegades; those rare few who battle under a banner do so in infamy, while the rest carry no pretense of allegiance - other than to the highest bidder. From the high Jotune house of Hrothgar to the secret Synthien development base Alpha Primus, and the mercenary holdouts in the Western Wastes, there are those who will achieve their mission by any means necessary and at any cost. 

“If it’s blood they want, it’s blood they’ll get. Provided they meet my price, I’d make the very gods themselves bleed.” - Verker "the Berserker"

Blood, Profit, and Glory introduces powerful new strategies, the keywords: BERSERKER, BOUNTY, and the characteristic  Warrior. Debuts 14 unique cards to be used in the Battle for Sularia – 4 Synthien, 4 Jotune, and 6 Mercenary.

From powerful combatants to the means to achieve your schemes of victory, a full four-card playset is included of each unique card for a total of 56 cards total in this expansion.