Written by Matt Ochs

Artist: Justine Cruz

Artist: Justine Cruz

Our Next Release Goes Live on Kickstarter April 5th!

Yes, a whole new host of wasteland mercenary scum are soon to arrive to the battle and they're packing some serious heat.

So, without further ado, here they are!


I'm going to let all that sink in...

Ok! Let's break down what we just saw. First off, there's going to be five brand new mercenary combatants joining the fray, and even one mercenary site... that has 8 attack. Wow. The one mercenary card that was fully revealed was Verker "the Berserker." Man, he hits hard, and once he works up a whole head of steam, he will be wrecking even your opponents' toughest sites!

And then there's Worgana, at four sularium cost she is a ton of value! If I had to put my money on there being a "warrior matters" theme in the coming Blood, Profit, and Glory command pack expansion, I'd bet she's the lynch pin.

Finally, we have Furtim. Be prepared for your opponents' looks of despair as he redirects all their best abilities and effects to the wrong places, and pray that he's not on the other side of the board doing the same to yours!

That's some really sweet new cards, sure to shake up your games of Battle for Sularia, but I mentioned this was a kickstarter, so I'm sure you're expecting exclusives...

How about full-art promo cards!

As each promo is unlocked, you'll get not one, not two - three maybe? No. Four copies of each! That's a whole playset of each promo for free! To get these promos all you and your friends have to do is make your pledge, spread the word, and get your perks as we pass each stretch goal. It's that easy.

But wait, there's more!

Meet K.Y.Z.R. "Omega Experiment" who is the star of our new playmat! Be sure to grab your copy during the campaign and be one of the first to unleash the beast!

Whew, that's a lot of awesomeness for one post.

So now you're wondering how to get your hands on all this loot. It's easy, visit on April 5th when our campaign goes live, pick your pledge level and then sit back and wait for some exciting updates to roll in as we unveil even more perks.

We'll see you then!