Written by Matt Ochs

Artist: Tots

Artist: Tots

In One Week!

We're only one week away from Blood, Profit, and Glory's launch on Kickstarter! As a special treat we're going to take a look at one of the set's new characters, K.Y.Z.R. "Omega Experiment"! 

And here he is...


Let's take a look at the first part of K.Y.Z.R.'s text, "Discard a combatant card from your hand or influence row and place it in your damage pile..." So we're going to need a combatant at the ready, and it's going straight to the bin.

Hmm. I think we need to read more.

"K.Y.Z.R. "Omega Experiment" gets attack value, defense value, and description text of the discarded card..."

Now we're talking! So you have to get rid of a combatant to make him a copy of it, but what combatant would you want to do that with?...


Oh no, I think we created a monster.. a four sularium cost Hekaton Warhulk! Of course there's a ton of other great combatants you can use to fuel K.Y.Z.R.

So how about this guy?


Ok, great. I've got a four sularium cost Fenris, which means he hits the board up to two turns earlier than normal, so what?

Let's take a look at K.Y.Z.R.'s text again, "K.Y.Z.R. "Omega Experiment" gets attack value, defense value, and description text of the discarded card." So he only copies the attack, defense, and text box of the discarded combatant. That means he's still K.Y.Z.R., still Type 1, still a Mercenary, and still costs four sularium with no sularium production/maintenance; meaning that you can have two Fenris (one real and one K.Y.Z.R. clone) on the field at one time! That means all your Jotune combatants can have +2/+0 and all your sites +0/+2, and you have two 8/6 Focus 2 beaters! Whoa, that's some extreme value.

But what if I copy one combatant and end up drawing another that I want him to become?

His text finishes with, "It also gains this ability." Meaning that he can copy someone else later!

So, when the time comes, maybe you'll want a little bit more of this in your life...


Yeah, that's all your other Warrior combatants getting Focus 4, or +4/+0 on the attack or +0/+4 on the defense with a Worgana and a K.Y.Z.R. copy on the field!

So now you're probably as psyched as we are to add K.Y.Z.R. to your next game and want to know where you can go to make that happen. Our Kickstarter campaign is going live on April 5th and it will introduce K.Y.Z.R. and a bunch of exciting new cards like Worgana, featured above, to your games of Sularia. Starting April 5th you can make your pledge, but while you're there you might also be interested in this...

If you want even more of the lab experiment gone wrong (or right, depending on your point of view) you can also add on as many K.Y.Z.R. playmats to your pledge as you like!

I know you're going out of your mind at this point because that is a lot of awesome and there can't possibly be more, but there is...


Once we hit the corresponding stretch goal, each backer at the New Recruit pledge level and higher will get a full four copy play set of K.Y.Z.R. as a full-art promo card! That's four more K.Y.Z.R.'s ready to use in your next game in stunning borderless glory!

That's it for today, be sure to visit our Kickstarter next week, pledge, and stay tuned for even more exciting developments!