Written by Jesse Bergman

Updates and More!

Well, here we are, almost 2 years into our fledgling little company and one quarter into the sales of our first game Battle for Sularia. There are quite a few things that we want to cover today, and are important to understanding where we are headed and what we hope to accomplish. John and I released a brief video discussing the state of the game yesterday and while that does a good job of explaining everything on a macro level I want to dive deep into the state of the game from a micro level.

In case you missed the brief video, I have posted it here for you to watch. (2:06)

Okay, so now that’s out of the way let's discuss some of these points in greater detail.


So as the video had stated, we have done a great job of bringing eleven retailers from the midwest region in as our Stronghold Retail Partners. We want to continue to grow those relationships even further and expand Battle for Sularia out to the rest of the country and the world. You are probably now saying to your monitor – “Great, Jesse, but how does this pertain to me?”

This is a reasonable question and one that I’m sure many of you are asking, the importance of a strong retail channel is critical to everything else we want to accomplish. Without strong support from the retail channel, we are unable to grow this game any further. It will die on the vine per se, because we need players and communities. Card games, such as BfS, require vibrant and competitive environments to survive. This is where you, our fans come into play. Talk to your store owners get them involved, and send them to this link to apply to become a Stronghold Retail Partner.

Stronghold Retail Partner Application

When they become a Stronghold Retail Partner, they are able to acquire organized play kits, and additional promos as we grow that allow your community to experience BfS with all of the coolest goodies we make. In addition we are carried by many of the major distributors, it is very likely they can order BfS right now!

Want to become a Stronghold Retail Partner? Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to apply.

Ambassador Program

Do you love our game as much as we do? Good, then we want to reward you for that passion. Ambassadors serve the purpose of getting people at stores, conventions, etc… interested in the game. They are integral to our success much in the same way our retail partners are. We want players that love the game, love teaching games, and want to earn exclusive items that only ambassadors can get. When someone sits down across the table from an ambassador and sees a full art card they’ve never seen, they will know their opponent is someone special in the community.

If you love teaching games and want to inquire about becoming an ambassador, click here, to fill out and send us an application.

Organized Play

Organized Play is a huge component to the success of our game long term. We want to create a vibrant organized play community and we have selected Origins Game Fair to be our home for our National Tournament!

Origins Game Fair and National Tournament... and a New Player Tournament too!

Playing at Origins not only offers you a unique opportunity to become the first ever national champion of Battle for Sularia, but the victor will also be given the opportunity to design a card for a future expansion of the game with us!

You can find the event already setup for registration at:

8250 – Battle for Sularia: Origins National Tournament (Swiss Rounds)

8251 – Battle for Sularia: Origins National Tournament (Quarter Final Round)

8252 – Battle for Sularia: Origins National Tournament (Semi-Final Round)

8253 – Battle for Sularia: Origins National Tournament (Final Round)

But do not fear, if you are going to be at origins and have never played in a tournament before, we have a format just for you as well. We call this the Battle for Sularia: New Player Tournament. We will provide you with a small deck of cards and you will simply choose your faction. Sit down and play against other players with little to no experience in the game. At the end of the tournament you will win a copy of the game and get to keep your “Starter Tournament Deck.” You can register for this event at:

8234 – Battle for Sularia: New Player Tournament

8235 – Battle for Sularia: New Player Tournament Semi-Final Round

8236 – Battle for Sularia: New Player Tournament Semi-Final Round

Of course, throughout the whole week of Origins you can come by and play in any of our demos of current and upcoming products. Feel free to just sit down during an open gaming session and play with us, the devs, or any other players in the area who may be interested.

We look forward to making much bigger announcements after Origins regarding Organized Play in your local area.

The Future of Sularia

Obviously, we want the future of Sularia to be exciting and expansive in ways that only our fans can hope and dream about! There are two factions that have yet to make it to the table in Battle for Sularia. They are the Exsularians and Protoans. Both factions play entirely different from the Jotune and Synthien, and we think they will draw even more new players to the game – as well as excite existing. Currently, we are looking at developing each faction as stand alone packs.

We have a longer video that discusses the Exsularian and Protoan factions in pretty deep detail: (13:20)

However, we love hearing feedback from our fans and customers regarding how the game should or could grow. As of right now:

Faction Pack Exsularian: (FPE) is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter around August/September of this year. MSRP $20 w/ 144 Cards

Faction Pack Protoan: (FPP) is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter by December 2016/January 2017. MSRP $20 w/144 Cards

We have considered whether it would be better to bring all of these cards into a bigger box product. While the MSRP would be higher than the Battle Kit. It would be a box of 288 cards in total, over 108 cards more than what is in the Battle Kit. This new format would not only have Exsularian and Protoan cards, it would also include new Synthien, Jotune, and Mercenary cards.

If we approach the release schedule in this way, it would come to Kickstarter around the November/December 2016 time frame. We would love to hear your thoughts on both of these plans. We anticipate an MSRP near $35 on an item like this. The content would be slower in releasing to you, but we are aiming to deliver it at a better financial value.

Please provide us with your input on our Release Preference document.

Multiplayer Modes

We are working very hard to make the multiplayer modes more accessible for all of you. Inside of our Comprehensive Rules you can find information regarding the 2 vs 2 Faction Wars game mode and Draft play mode. We will release a supplemental rule sheet for multiplayer that will not be buried inside our comprehensive rules.

New Single Player Mode

We will be releasing game notes on a brand new single player mode called Stronghold! Stay tuned to our site and our BGG page as we bring more information to light.


Well our rules were hammered the most in our reviews. We have listened, and we are doing everything in our power to bring a new easier to read rules format out – both digitally and in future printings of the base game. We will also include this rule book in the deluxe expansion mentioned above, if you all choose that, when it comes out. We do listen here at Punch-It and we definitely understand we missed the mark on our Basic and Comprehensive Rules guides.


Well this is a dangerous topic, one where we have to make a change to a wording on a card in order to have it operate as intended. We will be issuing our first errata in the coming weeks. Nothing that will drastically change the way you play the game, in fact, our guess is you are already using this card the way we intend, and not the way it is worded. Of course, some of you may not be, and thus the reason for the official errata to it.

The card that will be Errata’d is:

Correct wording will be:

Interference is only playable if you control a Synthien combatant in the hidden zone. Put a diffuse counter on target condition card that is controlled by opponent. As long as a diffuse counter is on the condition card, the condition card's effects are diffused. The condition card still provides one influence as normal.

Why was this necessary? When we play tactic and condition cards from our hand or influence row, the physical card is to be placed on the command chain between the two players. Interference was worded in such as way that it could not respond and defuse a condition card at the time it was played unless that condition card was already face up in the influence row. Which meant that a player could properly time condition revelation and have no risk of whether the condition could be effected at the time of the play. This is not how interference was tested inside our environment and not the reason for the card's design. Interference with its errata will now be able to target a condition that is on the command chain for resolution and defuse the effect of that condition upon resolution.

We hope you all understand the change and why it was necessary.


Well that was a lot to digest, we know… The game is in a great place and we are super excited to see it grow! Stay tuned as we release more details on all of the above, as well our ongoing support of our fiction and world of Sularia. Of course, Punch-It Entertainment, remains committed to Battle for Sularia, and we are preparing to show new games and ideas soon! If you are at a convention and see us running around, please do not hesitate to stop us and say hello and chat. We love talking to our fans and fellow gamers, as well as hearing feedback from all of you.

Until next time battle commanders!