Written by Matt Ochs

Artist: Filip Dudek

Artist: Filip Dudek

Our latest Kickstarter Campaign went live today! Go ahead and visit the page at, make your pledge and check out all the sweet stretch goal rewards and I'll meet you back here...

Awesome, right??

On top of new Jotune and Synthien cards, there's five new Mercenary combatants joining the fray with Blood, Profit, and Glory, and one new Mercenary site.

A Mercenary site, you say? I wonder what that would look like...


Regular-art card available in Blood, Profit, and Glory


Kickstarter exclusive full-art promo card


Yeah... Crazy Joe's is a doozie. I'm going to let what you just saw sink in for a moment before we dive into the nuances, and see how it's going to stack up in your next game.

Ready? Ok, let's take a look at the most jaw dropping portion of the card... 


Filip Dudek's depiction of the infamous explosive dealer's den is simply stunning. From the home-spun neon sign to the ammo stores lying about, and all the suitably dangerous and rickety gangplanks leading to his storefront, this is exactly the wasteland black market you'd expect to find peddling explosives to the highest bidder!

Hey, wait a minute, is that the ruined shell of a Hekaton Warhulk...??

Crazy Joe's Explosives | Art by Filip Dudek

Hekaton Warhulk | Art by Filip Dudek

It is! Whoever this Crazy Joe character is, he must be either incredibly lucky, enterprising, or downright nuts to get his hands on such devastating Synthien tech - ruined or no.

Now only if the card itself is as strong as a Hekaton...


Wow. With 8 attack and 6 defense it nearly is! That means that any attacking combatants are going to suffer heavy losses, if they plan on sending Crazy Joe's to the damage pile; and if Crazy Joe's controller has has any It's a Traps to spring on them, a minimum of 13 defense worth of attackers will be meeting an untimely demise during the alpha strike damage step!

Alright, if attacking Crazy Joe's is suicide, then why not ignore it?

Here's why...


By all the gods (Jotune or otherwise), that's hateful! That means with a simple activation, Crazy Joe's can guarantee 4 damage to an opponent's site. With multiple activations, the damage begins to pile up, reaching as high as 8... 12... 16...! Alone Crazy Joe's can slay a lowly Watch Tower or Perimeter Alert System in one go, and given enough time, or with the timely assistance of a few attacking combatants, it can even slay the mighty Bergheim "the Wolf's Den"!

So it appears opponents will have to avoid Crazy Joe's at your own risk. But when can we expect to see it hit the table?


Turn 5. Depending on your point of view (likely determined by whether or not Crazy Joe's is chucking explosives at you) turn 5 is either a godsend or a tad slow; either way, that's when the explosive counters are going to begin to fly and no site will be safe!

That's a lot of exciting developments all on one card. But power comes at a cost, so let's discuss what it's going to cost you to bring Crazy Joe's to the table top. First off, it's a type 1 site, meaning that only one can be controlled by a player at any given time, so if you want to stack up multiple explosive counters each turn, not so fast! Second, Crazy Joe's comes at construction cost 4 (as seen in the attack and defense breakdown), so the player who chooses to include Crazy Joe's in their deck is dedicating substantial resources to fielding the famed demolition expert. Four copies will cost you a full 12 of your 90 construction points, which is a little over 13% of your deck's entire build space.

That's it for now, stay tuned to our facebook, twitter, and Kickstarter campaign page for more exciting updates to come!