Written by Matt Ochs

The border between the Synthien capitol city, Centropolis, and Bergheim, on the western edge of the Jotune Empire, has always been a contentious one. But now that Lords Oathki and Fenris have launched a joint strike force against Centropolis, that tension has broken into all out war!

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Using unmatched technological superiority, the Synthien have unleashed deadly blasts of sularium fueled energy,  activated deadly networks of airborne defenses, and pitted fearsome mechanical warriors against their adversaries. Their mission is the construction of a new Machine Empire - superior, perfect, immortal.

Sularium Flares | Art by Ascary Lazos

Sheld Generator Installation | Art by Nick Jizba

Projectus Immunis | Art by Tots

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The Jotune weathered the cataclysm known as the Fracture and emerged as the preeminent power on the planet. Genetically enhanced and honed by nearly a millennia of martial prowess, the Jotune are the rightful and worthy inheritors of Sularia. It is they who will emerge from the ashes and create a perfect new dawn for humanity.

Lady Worgana "The Fang" | Art by Wizyakuza

 Sword of Hrothgar | Art by Artem Shukayev

 From Whence Thou Came | Art by Justine Cruz

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