Written by Jesse Bergman

What's in the box?

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you all are enjoying the dog days of summer. Over here at Punch-It Entertainment, we are hard at work preparing to ship Blood, Profit, and Glory. Just in case you missed it, when we arrived back here from Origins, we found a package begging to be opened.

About to Ship!

This is very exciting for us and we are definitely ready to get this expansion out into the wild and into all of your hands. The prototype was the standard of quality that we want matched and used in all of our releases and our hats go off to all of our partners that help us get these products to all of you. I'm excited to say that Blood, Profit, and Glory should be leaving the printer bound for our warehouses by this time next week!

Origins 2016

Origins 2016 was a big year for Punch-It Entertainment. We became a sponsor of Origins this year, which is attributed to the success of Battle for Sularia. Our social media accounts such at our Punch-It Entertainment, LLC Facebook page and our Battle for Sularia Facebook page are great spots to see some of the things we are active and doing as a company. Origins, as a show, is one of our favorites. There are thousands of friendly gamers, and the show is so much less chaotic than GenCon. If you have never attended an Origins, then you owe it to yourself to make a visit to Columbus, Ohio, in June. Great city, great event, and plenty of time to play all the games you want.

At Origins this year, we showed some new prototype games that are not in the world of Sularia, and we also ran our first ever National Tournament. The competition was fierce and we had players from here in Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, and New York all vying for the crown as the first ever National Champion. We want to congratulate Luke Greenleaf, who rode a bus from New York all the way to Ohio to hang out with us and participate in the tournament. Luke's Band of Misfit Toys deck will be listed below, along with the semi-finalist Jotune deck that was ran by Scott Bean of Mythic Affinity in Fremont, Neb.


But wait, there's More!

At Origins 2016, we gave a sneak peek at artwork for the two NEW factions. I know everyone is clamoring for more information on these two factions and we can't wait to tell you all about what they are bringing to the table. For now, you will all have to rest comfortably knowing that they are in development and they are coming soon. To help ease your wait, here is some teaser art in its full glory!

Exsularian - Spirit Warrior


Illustration: Thong Ngyuen


Protoan - Syrana "The Huntress"


Illustration: Tots


Small Faction Packs, or Deluxe Expansion?

We have read and received all of your feedback to our survey regarding small box and big box expansions to the game.  What we have found is that the majority of you would prefer a larger box expansion over the release of each faction independently. Armed with this knowledge, we are now hard at work to release the biggest Battle for Sularia product we have ever attempted. This means the next Kickstarter for our game will have both of the new factions inside it as well as supporting the Jotune, Synthien, and Mercenary cards you are all playing with now.  This is an ambitious project and one that will take a significant amount of resources. The great news about this new expansion, is that it can expand the existing game or stand alone as one product. While details are sparse at the moment, here are the goals:

  • Expand each faction to 30 unique cards (up from 25 after Blood, Profit, and Glory).
    • 30 Exsularian Cards
    • 30 Protoan Cards
    • 5 Jotune Cards
    • 5 Synthien Cards
  • Add even more Mercenary cards (numbers are still being discussed).
  • Release a box that provides ample storage for all cards in sleeves.
  • Release tokens that may be used in game play.
  • Innovate new mechanics and further develop existing mechanics.
  • Ensure game balance with all factions.

These are lofty goals and ones that as a small four-man development team are going to take us a little more time to orchestrate. That said, we plan on bringing this release to you on Kickstarter as soon as possible. Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated on the development as it gets closer to the release date. As always battle commanders, keep sharing the game with your friends, family, and we will continue striving to make one of the best card games on the market.

Until next time!