Written by Jesse Bergman

Hi everyone, Jesse here, back to provide you with the latest news relating to Punch-It Entertainment and Battle for Sularia.


Right now most of you are getting to us at www.sularia.com. We will continue to point people to us through that URL forever. However, in the coming months Punch-It will be redesigning our website to be more focused on all games we intend to release and not solely be dedicated to only Battle for Sularia. We will begin marketing with www.punchitent.com moving forward. You can expect to see the website get a visual overhaul and shift to a more publisher centric design in the coming months. We love hearing from you all regarding our games, website, and any suggestions you may have for improving your interaction with Punch-It Entertainment. Please feel free to contact us at any time for feature requests as well as general feedback.

Punch-It Entertainment Games

You may be asking yourself why are they doing this? Battle for Sularia is Punch-It's flagship game and one we hope to support for many years to come. While we are not ready to make a formal announcement quite yet, we are pleased to say that a deal has been signed for us to publish a title for a very well established game designer, and two first time designers for a traditional board game.

In addition, if you have been following me on twitter @jbgamedesign you may have noticed that I'm hard at work with fellow Punch-It team member and designer Matt Greenleaf to develop new Punch-It Entertainment games. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of games in both game play and visual representation we can. Next year stands to be a big year for us as we move forward not only with Battle for Sularia, but other exciting new board games.  

Testing Program

A few months back we mentioned a Beta test program in an update both here on our website as well as on our Kickstarter page for Blood, Profit, and Glory. This testing program is progressing nicely and I am excited to announce exactly what it all entails. But before I do that I want to update things a bit. Orginally we announced this as a Beta test program. After many hours of deliberation here at Punch-It and lots of time spent trying to plan the program to be as user friendly as possible, we want to scale things back at the moment just briefly. So before we launch a full blown public open Beta testing program we want to start with a Closed Alpha Test program.

For those of you that don't know these terms, Alpha testing is usually done in software very early and with a very closed group of testers. They are still generally identifying early bugs in the game as well as major imbalances. Alpha testers openly and knowingly know that the game may not be functioning even remotely correct and that game play could be halted, broken, or downright no fun in these stages. Their feedback is critical to the development teams in deciding whether a game is progressing in the right direction or not. They will get direct lines of communication with developers and will be on the front lines to rapid deployment of new fixes and items to test. 

A Beta tester, can be done in either a closed or open format. Beta testing is when the development team feels the game is very near final for release, but need as many eyes as possible on it to find any bugs the smaller test groups didn't catch, as well as any potentially game breaking imbalances. This larger pool of eyes provides a much larger data set for the development team to analyze for patterns and issues.  Beta testing is the last line of defense before a game is every released to the public.  

If you would like to be an Alpha Tester for Punch-It Entertainment, we want to work with you as well.

What do you get out of being a Punch-It Entertainment Alpha Tester?

  • Mentioned as a tester in the credits for the games you provide feedback for.
  • Exclusive SWAG as it becomes available.
  • Sneak Peaks at games being developed by Punch-It Entertainment, LLC
  • Direct lines of communication to Punch-It Entertainment, LLC
  • and more to come as the program evolves and develops

What we get from you as an Alpha Tester

  • Better games
  • Consistent feedback regarding titles
  • Unique opportunities to see games played differently than we play them in house.
  • Test new game modes to provide us with feedback.
  • All game files in user friendly print and play formats.


  • Ability to play at least 5 games per week of which every project/s you are participating in.
  • Ability to provide clear and consitent communication in writing back to Punch-It Entertainment, through official feedback forms. (Answering questions with: this is awesome is not clear and consistent. However, saying the FLIGHT mechanism is balanced nicely against the meta of Centropolis, and It's a Trap, provides us with working knowledge of how each of your games are progressing)
  • A Reddit Account
  • A Skype Account
  • Patience with game mechanisms or individual game objects/abilities that may be out of balance or needing new solutions.
  • Optional: A Tabletop Simulator account.

Space as an alpha playtester is limited and we will review each application and make a determination in the next few weeks. If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of then we want to hear from you. Please fill out the form on the following page.

Alpha Tester Application