Written by Jesse Bergman

Card of the Week

Every week the team here at Punch-It Entertainment will be featuring a card of the week. Each member of the team will weigh in on the card and provide various levels of feedback and insight regarding it.

This is a new series for us and any feedback regarding perspectives on the cards is very much appreciated. In addition we'd love to here your thoughts on the card, whether that be an epic moment in game play, or just simply your impression of the card.

John's Thoughts:

Sites always seem to be a tricky thing for artist to capture. Nick Jizba did a great job of simulating the force-field effect, scale, and the surrounding landscape that captures the essence of Sularia. The history of this card is actually quite long as you may have gleaned from the other guys' descriptions. The only thing I can probably add is that I am sorry – ha! I was a heavy early Synthien player (keep in mind, in the original testing, we were running all the factions, not just Jotune v Synthien) and I exploited the hell out of this card early on. While it may not seem like it, it has been significantly dialed down to its current 'balanced' state. I won't go into details how this card originally buffed the Synthien forces, but it is still a very solid card and I encourage players to try it out. Who knows, maybe in the future, we'll have construction cost discount effects...

Jesse's Thoughts:

At first glance many Synthien players will want to consider Shield Generator in their direct damage builds featuring Sularium Tactical Assault Beam, Feedback's, and Sularium Flares. In all actuality this site was made mostly for the aggressive Synthien lists. Synthien tactic and conditions are very expensive. The cost of incorporating them and Shield Generators is too prohibitive to allow the use. However, many of the Synthien's best aggressive threats are one construction point.

Shield Generator was designed as part of the early Battle for Sularia prototype and many of its aspects have remained exactly as originally designed although some did need to be changed. For example, it has always been at 4 influence cost and really put a damper on Synthien players decisions between Centropolis and it. It has always provided +2 defense to all of your sites and it has always been a card that really breaks downs the Jotune, and other factions, combat capabilities. Before we implemented 60/90 construction, you could almost guarantee the card was used in mass. Now as we move forward with the new meta, and construction cost system, Shield Generator is good, very good... but it is a card you definitely will have to build around.

Frank's Thoughts:

The turtle card! I see this card included in the turtle Direct Damage builds. Probably only running 2 of these cards in a deck and it offsets one Art of War. Shield Generator paired with a Centropolis can be a strong site combo that will normally make your opponent fail, or just barely break through a site so you're not taking any extra damage.

Matt's Thoughts:

Shield Generator is a really hard card to evaluate. The upside is there and when you see someone stabilize behind a Shield Generator the power of the card is evident. Unfortunately I think the card is a little too narrow to fit all Synthien decks. The decks I am most excited to play it in is site focused control decks.

Basically the game plan is to use Shield Generator Installation, Experimental Weapons Base, and It’s a Trap to extend the game to the point where you can play Satellite Network Facility. The Network Facilities lock up the board providing unparalleled inevitability. Shield Generator helps keep you alive until turn 7 but they also make the Network Facilities harder to destroy which allows you to get them out in multiples. Shield Generator sometimes fails on its own, but if you put enough pieces around it the ability truly shines.


Now as we move forward with the new meta, and construction cost system, Shield Generator is good, very good... but it is a card you definitely will have to build around.
— Jesse Bergman, Lead Designer

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