Written by Jesse Bergman

Card of the Week

Every week the team here at Punch-It Entertainment will be featuring a card of the week. Each member of the team will weigh in on the card and provide various levels of feedback and insight regarding it.

This is a new series for us and any feedback regarding perspectives on the cards is very much appreciated. In addition we'd love to here your thoughts on the card, whether that be an epic moment in game play, or just simply your impression of the card.

John's Thoughts:

Who doesn't like puns and word play in general? Ha! Johnny happens to be my 'creator' card for the Blood, Profit, and Glory expansion. Johnny is based on my gunslinger in SWTOR. If you were into PvP from 2012 to 2015 or so, you probably ran into Johnny at some point in various random warzones.

For our game, I wanted to introduce a traditional sniper or bounty-hunter type and complimentary mechanic. The end result literally became BOUNTY. We went back and forth a lot with how to dial this in and I can't complain with the end result. He's not quite beast-mode as a Mercenary like Verker with his BERSERKER keyword, but he offers some unique utility and control capabilities – having QUICK too also allows for that element of surprise that no other combatant up to this point has (SPOILER: there are more QUICK combatants coming).

Wizyakuza did a fantastic job of capturing the gunslinger in his natural 'guns-a-blazing' moment. We were also fortunate enough to get Tots to illustrate an alternate card art image – similar, but different enough to make both images really stand apart. To learn more about Johnny and see him in action, check out our fiction from last year. The last few chapters in particular really highlight him.

Matt's Thoughts:

"Gunslinger" Johnny Cache is a great card looking for a target but that target can be hard to find. Art of War scales past him if you don’t get started early and Synthien’s higher base defenses values means most combatant are difficult to bounty profitably. He is however a great answer to Vassad Saboteur and can help you “go bigger” which can be critical in Jotune mirror matches.

With reasonably even tempo hands the first Vassad Saboteur to stick is nearly a hard lock due to the value and tempo generated. Often the player without the Saboteur has to hold back combatants in fear of the activated ability. Even if they do not hold back they will be severely hampered in their ability to race. This wrinkle in the metagame incentives Jotune to become more controlling for wins in the mirror. Johnny Cache helps in the mirror while remaining aggressive for Jotune’s Synthien match up.

Jesse's Thoughts:

"Gunslinger" Johnny Cache is a tribute, as John mentioned above, to his Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic gunslinger. Johnny currently has a limited amount of targets for his ability at this time, but will soon find in Reign of Terror more targets than he most likely can handle. Because of this Johnny appears a little over costed in the current meta. Although as a 4/4 with QUICK, Johnny can be devastating to an opponents defenses in the early game. With many of the most successful tournament lists running Sularium Excavator, and now with Projectus and Vassad Sabotuer. Johnny is getting good targets, and serves as a perfect tech card to those threats. Johnny's real power comes in the ability to get just one counter on him. If you do, there is an infinite amount of possibilities regarding his capabilities and control.

Johnny represents a design goal we hope to implement further not only with the mercenary's of Sularia but also the other soon to come factions. He is an appetizer, albeit one that could be the main course as the game progresses forward. It is only a matter of time before Johnny makes consistent appearances on Battlefields all across Sularia. You better have what it takes to fight him, or his wrath will be quick and ferocious.

Frank's Thoughts:

Oh Johnny Cache, you make my Vassad Saboteur's go down in a burning ring of fire. Your bounty ability makes you rich with +1/+1 counters that can scale frightfully quick and a pain to take care of. I like this guy, he really only needs to get 1 or 2 bounty abilities off to make him really strong or you can still just straight up swing with him to help out take a site the turn you drop him! Some people will get super focused on his bounty ability and sometimes you have to know when to just use him as a beat stick on a site.

Johnny represents a design goal we hope to implement further not only with the mercenary’s of Sularia but also the other soon to come factions. He is an appetizer, albeit one that could be the main course as the game progresses forward.
— Jesse Bergman, Lead Designer

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