Written by Jesse Bergman

Card of the Week

Every week the team here at Punch-It Entertainment will be featuring a card of the week. Each member of the team will weigh in on the card and provide various levels of feedback and insight regarding it.

This is a new series for us and any feedback regarding perspectives on the cards is very much appreciated. In addition we'd love to here your thoughts on the card, whether that be an epic moment in game play, or just simply your impression of the card.

John's Thoughts:

I tend to be rather biased on the awesomeness of the Hekaton Warhulk and other combatant types that have the BARRAGE keyword. Admittedly, this is a very all-or-none keyword, but in early development, I wanted to design a mechanic that simulated an area-of-effect ability. Something that really engaged in the unique aspect of the two resource row (AKA, sites) that our game had – BARRAGE ended up being that answer. While we designed a number of BARRAGE combatants, the first, and I think still the biggest, was the Hekaton Warhulk, which also had one of the most badass names too – win-win.

Visually, it had to be huge and imposing on the battlefield. The grittiness and scale that Filip Dudek incorporated in his final illustration was perfect and it ultimately inspired another card we will be featuring later – Crazy Joe's Explosives. If you are a Synthien player, I highly encourage considering fitting one or two of these engines of destruction into your deck.

Matt's Thoughts:

If you know what you are buying Hekaton Warhulk can be the perfect card. Hekaton costs 9 sularium and many games it will be unplayable; play it as influence where appropriate. What Warhulk does is translate a sularium advantage into a threat capable of ending the game single handedly and often in a single turn. It is great in Synthien direct damage decks. At first this may seem backwards because of the sularium maintenance but often direct damage decks can lack closing power. Giving their opponents unreasonable amounts of time to try and claw back into the game. Hekaton increases your threat density when you sorely need it and already are planning for a high sularium late game.

Not only does Hekaton attack for 10 but the barrage trigger also often decimates your opponent sularium production. If they don’t already have a board to compete they no longer have the resources to reinforce. It can be kind of underwhelming against Centropolis where they are locking down you best combatant and you are paying for the privilege. Even in that case the Hekaton is often vindicated; aided by an evasion or just clearing the way for other relevant threats.

Frank's Thoughts:

This thing is a beast! It hits hard, the barrage does work on the rear sites that are normally being protected or it soften up some front sites for other combatants or tactics to finish off. You always want to have a few of these in your Synthien builds. For the direct damage builds, it gives you some finishing power if you aren’t pulling that final Sularium Tactical Assault Beam and for the aggro builds, it’s going to be hard to find something more aggressive than this right now.

Jesse's Thoughts:

Hekaton Warhulk represents a sneak peak into the future of Sularia. His card text eludes to why Novum and Animus needed to build it. There are many massive threats in Sularia and the Synthien needed an answer. This was the inspiration for the design of the card. Equipped with shoulder mounted missle launchers and a high powered laser system. Hekaton is a serious threat on any battlefield. As all of the guys have discussed above, Warhulk is exactly what the Synthien battle commander needs for improving there position on the battlefield or overcoming insurmountable odds.

Warhulk is exactly what the Synthien combatant type should be is so much that it offers an extreme threat, but at a price. With 3 Sularium maintenance, Warhulk is going to suck down at least 33% of your Sularium each turn. This is a significant draw back if the game drags on and actually hinders a synthien's performance with other cards in the direct damage lineup or other threats. Obviously we discussed the advantage of the K.Y.Z.R. combo with the hulk, and this still holds up as a potentially viable solution, but be prepared for your opponents attention to turn to the hulk as soon as possible

Visually, it had to be huge and imposing on the battlefield. The grittiness and scale that Filip Dudek incorporated in his final illustration was perfect and it ultimately inspired another card we will be featuring later – Crazy Joe’s Explosives.
— John Kimmel, Creative Director

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