For Existing and New Players!

It's been a couple weeks since we announced our National Championship Tournament for 2017 and we can't be more excited to update everyone with our complete prize support list! We wanted to make sure that we not only had great rewards for our existing players, as our way of saying 'thank you', but we also wanted to create some major incentives for new players to consider joining in on the action. Here they are!

Money Talks

As both casual and competitive card game players ourselves, we wanted to offer the best of both worlds – cool new art-based rewards and cold hard cash (well, technically speaking, a cold hard VISA gift card). To be frank, even if you haven't played Battle for Sularia – either you have been on the fence about it or it's not the 'hot game' in your local store – there is no better time to try it out, show it to some friends and register to play.

Our community is very friendly towards all players (existing and new), so if tournaments have been kind of intimidating to you in the past – this is a great opportunity to dip your feet back into the competitive-play pool. We also have National Qualifier Tournaments scheduled now, with more being added until the National Championship, which is a perfect way to work out any kinks in your tournament play deck. Dates and details for those qualifier events can be found on our web calendar.


First Place / National Champion

  • $400 VISA gift card!
  • Full-Art (Alt-Art) Animus Vox card - play set (4 copies)
  • Alt-Art Animus Vox play mat
  • Alt-Art Animus Vox award plaque

Top 8

  • Second Place Only - $75 VISA gift card
  • Third Place Only - $25 VISA gift card
  • Full-Art (Alt-Art) Lord Oathki card - play set (4 copies)
  • Alt-Art Lord Oathki play mat

Participation / All Entrants

  • Full-Art Verker card - play set (4 copies)


DATEs + Times

August 12th

Registration (on our web store here).

  • Round 1: Starting at 11:00am
  • Round 2: Starting at 12:00pm
  • Round 3: Starting at 1:00pm
  • Lunch Break: 2-3pm
  • Round 4: Starting at 3:00pm

August 13th

  • Cut Top 8 or 16 based upon participation.
  • Time to be announced.




Hobbytown USA Pioneer Woods
Lincoln, Nebraska


Standard - 60/90 Constructed

    The Early Bird, the Early Registration Gets More Than a Worm! 

    As a reminder, early registration ends on August 4th at Midnight (12AM CST) and costs $35.

    Why Pre-register?

    For the cool swag bag of course! Slots are limited, so don't miss out. The swag bag (listed below) includes exclusive and limited items with a combined value of over $15!

    Please note: Art prints include alternate-art Lady Worgana "The Fang", alternate-art "Gunslinger" Johnny Cache, alternate-art Furtim Braccae, and Verker "The Berserker"! These prints are limited and pre-registered players can only select one. The sooner you register, the better your odds at selecting the art print you can't live without!

    Internal Prototype Deckbuilder

    We are supplying all pre-registered players access to our internal prototype deckbuilder! This will allow player to more easily construct and print off their 60/90 constructed deck list. As a reminder, a deck list is required to be presented prior to the start of the tournament.



    If you have any questions about the National Qualifier or National Championship Tournaments as well as questions about food and lodging while in Lincoln, please email us at: