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Greetings, Battle Commanders!

The Reign of Terror: Protoan is less than 24 hours away to go live! We're very excited to have the game move forward in this direction. We're also extremely grateful for the support and patience our community has had for this new stand-alone expansion to come out.

What can You Expect in Reign of Terror: The Protoan?

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Reign of Terror: The Protoan is a new stand-alone card game and core faction that is compatible with our other Battle for Sularia card game titles. It includes a Protoan starter deck as well as additional cards to customize your play deck. The initial offering is a print-on-demand direct sales only option.

Megalithid by Tots

Megalithid by Tots

The goal is to fund quickly and stretch into a traditional retail box offering along with additional premium unlocks, including the option to unlock and add another completely new core faction—the Exsularian.

For the full preview of the campaign, check it out in the link HERE.

An Exsularian | Juicer by Justine Cruz

An Exsularian | Juicer by Justine Cruz

Based on the feedback we received from our Battle for Sularia Community over the last year, as well as the increased art requirements needed to meet the needs of this larger game, Reign of Terror is being offered in two installments. Reign of Terror: The Protoan and Reign of Terror: The Exsularian. Depending on the success of the Protoan, the second installment—the Exsularians—will either become available in this campaign as a stretch goal add on, or if we do not stretch far enough to unlock it, then the plan is to have its own Kickstarter campaign in late May or early June.

New Content for 2018 and Beyond

This year marks the beginning of our new game development program to bring new content to Battle for Sularia every month. Reign of Terror was the introduction to this new program—Alpha Program. If you haven't checked out the Alpha Program yet, now is the time. Not only will you be able to download new content for FREE every month, if you sign up, you will be eligible to purchase our limited production full-art alpha promo cards.

New cards every month.

New cards every month.

Of course, your feedback is crucial during each month's new alpha release, as we want to make sure we consistently bring the best product to our community when we finalize the card design and artwork and transition them into the Omega Program—the standard retail version.

Updated Rules

In addition to the new Alpha Program, we've also gone back to address the most common criticism of our game, which was the original rule sets. We've taken the Basic Rules Guide from our original box set and the Comprehensive Rules from our website, and combined them into our new Learn to Play Rules Guide: Alpha Edition.

Click HERE to download the new rules for free.

Get Ready!

We hope you're excited as we are and consider backing Reign of Terror: The Protoan on Kickstarter.

From all of us at Punch-It Entertainment...

Thank you!