Internship Overview

  • Punch-It Entertainment, a Lincoln, Nebraska, game design and publishing company, has new openings for graphic designers currently enrolled in a design-related college program.
  • Paid and non-paid internships available.
  • For part-time and/or contract work.

This is a very unique opportunity to work for a local indie-game design studio. I mean, as far as Lincoln, Nebraska, goes; you could count them on one hand that’s missing a couple of fingers. In other words, this opportunity is exclusive and limited—in gamer terms, this isn’t for “casuals.”

The ideal candidate will have an almost fanatical passion for doing graphic design work for traditional “analog games”—board games, tabletop games, card games, etc. Gamer nerds with creativity levels over 9,000 and a bio-mechanical eye for attention to detail will put you high on our most-wanted list. It helps having a complete disregard for your financial well-being too. I mean, come on, we make games, not a cure for f’ing cancer. But, but…you get to work on GAMES!

With the above in mind, let’s get the boring technical sh*t out of the way…

You need solid design and typography skills. Period. Basic human communication skills—like answering a text or email on the same day it was sent—is required. A response within an hour, if a known deadline exists is pure win! You’ll be working on projects across multiple media platforms—mostly print and some digital advertising. If you’re a web or video prodigy, that’s HUGE.

This is an opportunity to hyper-focus your portfolio on game-based advertising, publication, package, user-interface design, and more based on your passion and energy to create amazing work. We’re a small indie-game publisher, so our offices our migrational in nature. We work from our home offices, coffee shops, and in the trenches, i.e. our local game stores. This translates to you needing to be well-organized, self-motivated, and able to work independently (and/or remotely) with the ability to jump on a conference call via Skype or Google Hangouts a few times a week.

Proficiency within the Adobe Creative Suite is a must—specifically InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Coding experience for web-based content management systems like WordPress and Squarespace is preferred. Experience with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, and Twitch; along with knowledge of analytic tools like Google Analytics and AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, and other SEO-related tools are a plus. Some basic knowledge of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or websites like BGG (boardgamegeek) would be fantastic. If you are selected and unfamiliar with some of the above, we encourage a little research on the front-in, but we also plan to help educate as needed.

Summer Internships Include

  • Paid and non-paid positions/contracts
  • Heavy print design
  • Light web design and page editing
  • Medium to heavy social media design


  • It’s not so much the number of hours you need to work, but the need to hit deadlines on time. Therefore, you can expect to allocate 10-20 hours per week.
  • You must be a student enrolled in a current college program.
    • Alternatively, plan on enrolling soon or just graduated.

Payment Details

Paid internship options are paid according to contractual agreements assigned to specific projects. Otherwise, positions are non-paid and intended for portfolio building and college/class credits only. All intern positions may be eligible for future contract and salary work.

Still interested? Contact us.

If you’re right for the job, please email a resume and submit a link or a PDF of your work when applying.