Hello, Battle Commanders. We're back again with a brand new update regarding what you can expect this month in the world of Sularia. June is a exciting month for Battle for Sularia and the Alpha Program. Read on to learn about what is happening this month!

The Alpha Program continues to evolve and we will discuss all of those things in this update.

What you can find in this update:

  • Reign of Terror—Early Pre-Order has Ended
  • The Good, The Bad, The Savage—Early Pre-Order is Coming!
  • Alpha Program—Escalation Series: Pack 5
  • Alpha Program—June Promo Cards
  • State of the Game Update

Reign of Terror—Early
Pre-Order Ended

June 5th marked the end of the early (exclusive) pre-order period. We will be transitioning over from the "exclusive pre-order" edition to a "standard pre-order" edition at full MSRP. We appreciate each and every one of you who put your faith in the pre-order process and committed your Kickstarter pledge to our website.

Any pre-orders that occur after June 5th will be for the base version of the game and can be added at any time as we will have a Reign of Terror Pre-Order up and running until we launch on October 1st, 2018.

The Good, the Bad, and the Savage— Early Pre-Order

Starting on June 8th, 2018 we will begin taking early pre-orders for The Good, The Bad, and The Savage, an Exsularian faction pack. We are pushing towards the launch of the pack in Omega by November 1st, 2018. 

Early pre-order customers will receive the following exclusive items.

  • 1 x playset Exsularian Alpha Program Monochromatic Card
  • 1 x playset Exsualrian Alpha Program Monochromatic Card
  • 1 x playset of Escalation Series Mercenary Card Disruption.

Additionally, early pre-orders will be able to take advantage of our existing Kickstarter shipping profile to get the game at a reduced shipping price. We will provide a formal post to our blog on the 8th with more details regarding the pre-order.

Alpha Program—Escalation Series: Pack 5 - Alpha Program

June brings the newest command pack to be released into the Alpha Program and much like May's release, there are some cards here your collection simply cannot be without.  Additionally, the more observant of you may have noticed we have transitioned to an official name for the series. Escalation Series represents exactly how we feel about these cards coming into the game. Battle for Sularia: The Card Game is escalating with these new cards being added each month. 


This month's Jotune card is an excellent addition to the Jotune combatant arsenal, and players who absolutely love the warrior characteristic will not want to miss this card in their decks.

Jotune Card_Death Blades_NEW Screen Demo.png

Warrior builds have been some of the fastest damage dealing builds in the game, and the Death Blade offers another fantastic damage dealer. Additionally, Death Blade can make use of Worgana's Focus ability to push up their offense or defense a bit higher, and with ALPHA STRIKE, they can be very effective at eliminating major threats from your opponent in combat. 


The Synthien add a powerful new control option to their decks in June with Sibulla Synthoid, a 2 sularium combatant that reveals an opponents hand and has the ability to remove a tactic or condition card from the hand directly. Veteran Battle for Sularia players understand the power of condition cards, and this Synthoid is prepared to handle them before they ever land on the battlefield.


Additionally, the Sibulla Synthoid is equipped with HIDDEN, which adds another low sularium combatant to help turn on and provide on-time plays of the powerful tactic card Interference, from The Battle Begins starter set.


The Protoan are getting a combatant to add to their arsenal in the form of Venomous Skorpanid. Much like the more aggressive Skorpanid Striker, these Skorpanid's have evolved into deadly creatures that rapidly infect the battlefield and decimate opposing forces combatants.

Protoan Card_Venomous Skorpanid_Screen Demo.png

Equipped with QUICK like their bigger brother, these combatants waste no time making their presence felt, and opponents must deal with them before losing very powerful threats to this combatant.


The Exsularian's are always a bit of a superstitious bunch, and Fortune Tellers have long been considered good luck on the battlefield for their council leaders.  As a 1 sularium combatant, they will not present an aggressive threat to an opponent, but they will give you an opportunity to create consistency and dig for the powerful cards you need in a given situation. Additionally, their powerful ability is somewhat rare within the ranks of the Exsularian, which is reflected in the "type 2" game play mechanism.

Exsularian Card_Fortune Teller_Screen Demo.png

Fortune Teller having QUICK also ensures that players will get at least one activation off before an opponent can attempt to dispatch them for good. 

Alpha Program June Promo Cards

There are some changes coming down the pipe for June on the Alpha Program Promo Cards. Many of you have asked if we could remove the need for the download codes from the program to make it easier to get the cards without jumping through the hoops. 

We have listened and going forward the promo cards will be listed for sale for the flat rate of $5.00 USD with no need to receive codes in your email. Simply add as many copies of the promo card sets to your cart and checkout. 

For June we are incorporating two mercenary combatants that are favorites for many of our players. If you haven't been over to the Alpha Program page head there now and check out the Monochromatic "Gunslinger" Johnny Cache and Verker "The Berserker"

State of the Game Update    

Later this month, we'll be releasing the updated state of the game blog post which will detail any potential errata's, banning, or restricted cards. The goal of this mid-year update is to make sure that the Sularia competitive scene is diverse and exciting. We also want to release this with enough time for anyone preparing to attend the National Championship in November.  Please keep an eye here on the blog, as that post will be coming in the next few weeks.

Until next time, see you on the battlefield!