Written by: Jesse Bergman

Hello Commanders!

I'm back this week with a new post discussing some upcoming changes to our content creation strategies. If you are checking out our bi-monthly stream on YouTube, you know that we've been releasing content a couple of times each month on there covering Battle for Sularia: The Card Game.

We have enjoyed our time on stream immensely with each of you folks. Unfortunately, the participation has been hit or miss, and we want to work towards growing Battle for Sularia over the coming year. 2019 will be an excellent year for us to focus our efforts on gaining players and improving the overall experience.

What you will Find in this Post:

  • Ambassador Program

  • Tabletop Simulator Weekly Community Night

  • Punch-It Plays

  • Discord Community Group

  • Website Resource Page Update

Ambassador Program

While we are not quite ready to unveil the Ambassador program, we will be putting a new post out very soon that will give each of you the ability to demo Battle for Sularia, or run Battle for Sularia tournaments with official prize support from us. We understand that an official Ambassador Program and Organized Play Program is a new venture for us. We've managed a few local tournaments and have leveraged that information to create tournament formats that work based on what type of event is held.


Tabletop Simulator Weekly Community Night

Tabletop Simulator is an excellent way for us here at Punch-It to break down the walls around communities. Strategy card games typically suffer from the common problem of players not having anyone around them to play. With Tabletop Simulator we can break down the geography walls and build a thriving online community where players can hop on at any time and get a game played. Like anything, this requires active community building, and we intend to start that process next Tuesday, October 16th, 2018. Beginning at 7:00 CDT. Neil and I will be online, to teach you how to play Sularia or test your favorite decks against ours.

Additionally, we will be petitioning General Chat inside of TTS to teach players and drive new people into the game. We would like all of you rabid fans of Sularia to help us build this vibrant gaming community we envision.

Punch-It Plays

While we may be discontinuing our bi-monthly live streams that doesn't mean that you won't be hearing from Neil and I... I know, I know we can hear the groans all the way over here at our keyboards. Punch-It Plays is a brand new format for our YouTube Channel, where we will be playing board and card games for each of you and releasing that content. For now, due to some restrictions, we will not be live streaming these games, but we hope maybe in the future to offer that up. Each week Neil and I will be picking one game and playing it. Of course, we want to get you our fans involved as best as possible, and therefore, we want each of you to nominate the game that you want us to play. If we own it, or if we can acquire it, we will play it.

We will begin recording content for the YouTube Channel and hope to have our first Punch-It Plays episode out in the next week or two. We intend for each Punch-It Plays session to be around an hour in total duration unless you guys make us play a game that lasts 3+ hours. Hint... Please don't we are not fans of long drawn out games in general.

The first Punch-It Plays episode will feature PlayFusion's Age of Sigmar: Champions, and we will explain the game on stream, and then play a game or two depending upon time. If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube Channel now is the time, head over there now and in my best YouTuber voice "Smash that Subscribe Button!"

YouTube Channel:


Discord Community Group

Over the last few months, we have seen amazing new groups grow around our favorite games all using the app Discord. Because of the rise in popularity of the Discord app, it's available on your mobile platform, desktop, or web browser we feel this is the best app for us to use to build active communities moving forward. We will continue to support our social media groups and feeds, but with Facebook's constant tinkering of our group posts and page posts, many of you don't see our updates.

The link provided for our discord is an open invite, so please feel free to invite any of your friends or family members that play Battle for Sularia or those that you are trying to get into the game.

The link to our discord is:


Website Resource Page Update

We've recently updated our Battle for Sularia Resource Page with the following items.

  • Errata, Bans, Restrictions

    • We have updated our OP lists according to our most recent state of the game article back in June. If you missed the post, please head over to this link and read all about it.

  • Deck building Tool

    • A Battle for Sularia fan and local web developer has worked closely with us to create an online deck building tool. We are currently in Phase One of the s, and we hope to update the functionality and look over the coming years, but for now, this gives each of you a chance to build decks and theorize about those builds. The decks may then be exported as a PDF for sharing in our Discord channel.

      Online Deck Builder Tool:


  • Learn to Play Rules and Comprehensive Rules Update

    • We will begin the process of updating each of these rule sets over the coming weeks and hope to have the official rule set completed by no later than Mid-November. These rules will serve as the ongoing foundation for all future Battle for Sularia products and will be updated and announced regularly. Please note that The Alpha Learn to Play Rules will serve as our primary rules document going forward and can be downloaded directly from our website here:

      Learn to Play Rules:

That's all for now, check back here next week as we announce Battle for Sularia National Tournament 2018. Until then may all your draws be good, and remember it's always better to be lucky than good.