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Designed by Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel

Expansions come in two formats – Command Packs and Battle Kits. Command Packs require a Battle Kit to play, while Battle Kits are stand-alone games that are fully compatible with all other expansions.
— John Kimmel, Creative Director

Friend or Foe?

Blood, Profit, and Glory introduces a host of new and deadly Mercenary combatants as well as powerful additions to the Jotune and Synthien factions.

Survival at any Cost

Beyond the Jotune bio-domes and Synthien mega-cities, survival comes with a price! Blood, Profit, and Glory introduces new mechanics such as BOUNTY, QUICK, BERSERKER, and characteristics, such as Warrior.

Follow the Action!

A storm is brewing. The new Blood, Profit, and Glory story arc begins in chapter 10 of our fiction series – Rumblings of War – and ends on chapter 31. The action begins here!

Blood, Profit, and Glory Includes

56 Cards (14 unique cards)  |  4 Jotune Faction Cards  |  4 Synthien Faction Cards  |  6 Mercenary Cards  |  Rules Insert