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Graphic design by John Kimmel with storytelling by Matt Ochs

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The storytelling and visual development took on a life of its own and I can’t wait to share the world of Sularia in its entirety!
— John Kimmel, Creative Director

Genetic Super-warriors, A rising robotic empire, and hired guns willing to do anything for price...

Venture into the world of Sularia with this beautifully illustrated art book. Showcasing the heroes of the genetic super-warriors of the Jotune, the rising robotic empire of the Synthien, and the mercenary bands who owe no banner their allegiance; who wage futuristic warfare on a planet torn asunder by global cataclysm and ravaged by conflict.

Chronicles of Sularia collects the entire 31 chapters originally published in the Rumblings of War fiction section on the Battle for Sularia website. This richly illustrated book features every piece of art work from the card game—Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins and its expansion Blood, Profit, and Glory as well as alternate promotional card art!

Chronicles of Sularia Includes

The original 31 chapters from the Rumblings of War fiction series.  |  Over 60 unique illustrations—including both card and promo art.