In 2014, Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel, lifelong friends and avid gamers, joined forces to form Punch-It Entertainment, LLC. Together they designed and developed, Battle for Sularia, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2015 and launched into retail stores in January 2016.


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Jesse Bergman, Co-Founder

President/Senior Game Designer

Jesse is an avid gamer, business maker, and the game designer of Battle for Sularia. He is also a Spartan warrior whose not afraid to get a little dirty to reach the finish line!

Graduated from the University of Advancing Technology with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design Magna Cum Laude.


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John Kimmel, Co-Founder

Vice-President/Creative Director

John is a visual artist and educator, gamer, and the creative force behind the world of Sularia. While not a Spartan racer, nearly nothing can prevent John from getting his morning coffee—Ha!

Graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelors in Fine Arts – emphasis in Graphic Design.



Frank Hruby

Senior Market Researcher

A connection maker. Bringing together our networks with reviewers and industry insiders; not to mention the best local brewery finder on the planet! Frank is one of the original playtesters of Battle for Sularia.

If you're a game reviewer and you haven't heard from Frank yet, then please reach out to him (did we mention the thing about breweries) – you won't regret it! He'll hook you up with a review copy of one of our games (and maybe a beer).



Neil Mohlman

Game Development Director

Neil is a recent addition to the team, but he is by no means new to the game industry. In addition to Neil's background and experience as a competitive card game player, he has also worked a number of years in both the hobby and video game retail space.

With the combined experiences of both Jesse and Neil, the design and development teams have essentially hit a huge power-up in terms of game mechanism knowledge and awareness to how to balance them. We're very excited with the addition of Neil – his positive impact has already been felt in our development!




Punch-It Entertainment focuses on fostering game development experiences with other indie and smaller game designers. This involves experience in mutual learning and providing a solid foundation that allows game designers to focus on their creativity and the end-user game experience.